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Timothy Spear Bio, Husband, Mother, Baby, Dating, Marriage, Divorce

Timothy Spear is famous for his previous marriage to actress, Lauren Potter. Potter is well known for her role on the TV hit musical show, Glee.


Timothy Spear Husband, Mother, Baby, Dating

The former Glee star Lauren Potter was excited to get locked into a lifelong agreement with her husband Timothy Spear. The actress acknowledged that she had accepted a promise ring from Spear, her beloved companion turned-sweetheart. He gave her the ring on a sentimental outing when they were hanging around on a Sunday in Laguna Beach, California.

Potter’s mother, Robin Sinkhorn described the magic moment to People Magazine, "He picked out the ring, made payments on it, and then planned the picnic and the moment to get down on one knee to ask her to promise to be his one-and-only and marry him when they are ready." Potter and Spears' families have known each other since the couple were babies. The pair, both of whom were born with Down Syndrome, were both enrolled in the same health classes in Riverside, California.

Sinkhorn explained their early ties "We've kept in touch over the years, but it wasn't until the kids were reunited while they were both living in Laguna Beach. When Lauren ended a relationship, Timothy immediately asked her out and they have been together since."

Timothy Spear Marriage, Divorce, Personal Life Relationships

Potter and Spear seemed to be a couple that would last forever. They event went to the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County event as a team. They want to shed the negative image of people who have their same condition and want to prove that they can be successful no matter what.

Their marriage ended because Spear could not deal with media attention. He wanted a private life and it was not something that was going to be possible because his wife was a public figure. He was tired of the constant insults that he would get because of their medical condition.

Potter seemed to move on and was seen hitting the rec center to get ready for two-piece season and has effectively gone out on a couple of extremely encouraging dates. After a bout of depression, she is ready to get more roles for her career. She also hired an agent to find her other jobs if she can’t land any more acting roles. She knows that roles are limited for people with Down Syndrome like her and Timothy but she does not want to give up on her dreams.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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