Quick facts
Birth date 6 Apr, 1978
Age 41 yrs
Occupations American football player
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Norfolk
Gender Male
Description American football player
Spouse Elisabeth Hasselbeck[ M. 2002]

Tim Hasselbeck is currently an analyst at ESPN. Tim Hasselbeck has a big family, because he married with Elisabeth Filarski in 2002 and together they have three kids: Grace Elisabeth, who was born in 2005, Taylor Thomas in 2007 and Isaiah Timothy in 2009. Tim Hasselbeck never went through a divorce, because his only marriage was with Elisabeth Filarski and they are still making a family together. Although people and media are usually interested about couple lives, nothing bad could be said about Tim Hasselbeck and his family. His wife is also a TV personality, and they are making a perfect couple, as some people are saying.

Everyone consider that Tim Hasselbeck is a tough guy because he used to be an American football player. He is actually very calm and patient and he takes maximum care of his kids and wife. After he married Elisabeth, he hadn’t had any other connection with other women, which means that the rumors which are saying that Tim had a girlfriend in the past are just lies. During his carrier as a football player, Tim played at different American football teams, but he was also focused on taking care of his family. He is a lovely father.

Although they had misunderstandings in their relationship, Tim and Elisabeth never considered to divorce from each other and they have decided to solve their family problems away from the eyes of the media. Since they got married in 2002, they never appeared in gossip magazines or at TV shows to talk about their personal lives. They can be frequently seen together, and most of the time they are smiling, which means that even after 12 years there is still love between them and they are happy to have one each other.

People are thinking that the football players cannot establish a family, because they are careless and though, but that’s certainly wrong. Everyone could take the example of Tim Hasselbeck, who is having a perfect family. He loves his kids and he also love Elisabeth, even after 12 years of relationship. Although they are both TV personalities, they are trying to keep their personal lives private and away from the public. They do not hide, but they do not share too much information about their marriage either. However, it could easily be seen that both of them love each other and they are also love their kids too. Their family looks very happy and decent. They don’t like to attract attention on themselves, although Tim was a football player and people are considering that he likes to be in the middle of people, he is not.

Timothy Hasselbeck could be taken as a positive example of father and husband, because he is very good at taking care of his own family. 

Last Modified: Jun 25, 2020

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