Tim Chapman is also known as Youngblood and was born in the year 1965 in the city of Ventura of California. He was working as bounty hunter but retired. He was one of the people who appeared at Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E TV. He was helping Duane Dog Chapman in tracking down and capturing the wanted fugitives.

Timothy Charles is a child of the bondsman family including his grandparents. He is father is Ronald Chapman and a bondswoman in Colorado called Diane Wimberly. The parents decided to separate when he was only 2 and half years and together with his brother called Russell Chapmen, were taken to live with the paternal grandparents. They spent two years there but while growing up, he would spend time between his maternal grandparents and mother. His grandparents had an ABC Bail Bonds at Denver. Tim said that he made the first arrest when he was only 14 years old.

While working with his mother, he got to meet Duane Dog Chapman. Even if they share the name, they do not have any relationship but Tim says that he considers him, his brother. Tim went to live in Hawaii with Dog, his girlfriend Beth Smith with Leland their son. Dog had started Da Kine Bail Bonds company. In the first episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Tim Chapman had regular appearance. He did not appear in the show starting at the six seasons and he says that it was because he had to take care of his young children. He had also been released from prison.

From Tim Chapman’s biography, he had been arrested twice. The first arrest was when he was with Leland and Dog Chapman. U.S Marshals arrested them requested by Mexican government. This is when they tracked a person in Mexico, after catching him; they got arrested and placed a bail but never went to the hearing. They got released with a bail and were fitted some electronic bracelets so that they will not leave Hawaii. The charged were dropped by Mexican government.

Tim Chapman was arrested for the second time because of terrorist threatening after some event at Ala Moana Center found in Honolulu. He got charged because of indecent exposure. However, the lawyer said that he has spilled the orange juice on the clothes and was changing the clothes in the back seat and a security that approached him to ask him to put on the clothes startled him. The version of the lawyer won and he was not charged.

Besides appearing as Bounty Hunter, he is also actor who appeared in E! True Hollywood Story and Empire of Ash III. He was married before and his wife of Davina Chapman. They divorced after having 4 children, Storm Hunger, Thunder Cloud, Autumn Sky and Summer Rain. He had another child from an old relationship, a son called Tim Chapman Jr.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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