Tia Torres had worked in the Army and had been able to overpower all her difficulty to be a rescuer of neglected and abandoned dogs. She had founded Villalobos Rescue Center. Tia Torres was born in the city of California and she had the love towards her pets which cannot be explained. She left her home so that she can pursue more her dream of being with dogs, goats and horses. Even if she knew that the going will be tough, it did not stop her to forge on with her dream. She started to work like a truck driver and afterwards, she worked in the army.

When she finished her job with army, she opened Villalobos Rescue Center or VRC. The center became famous when Tia hosted the TV show on Pit Bulls and Parolees, on Animal Planet. The debut started in the year 2009, it became an instant hit and it ended with a 7th season.

Tia Torres does not have a large net worth since she spends over 18 hours every day taking care of the dogs and has not other job besides this. Tia started to host the program so that the production team can pay the bills of VRC. Now she is worth 300000 dollars.

From her biography, Tia Torres worked as a cowgirl with a step mother and this is when she got attached to the animals and started to rescue the wolf dogs. This passion took her to California penitentiary when she met Aren Jackson for the first time. He was tracking down an owner of a certain dog. After being introduced, they started to write to each other.

In the year 2006, when Aren got released, then the two got married and they gave birth to two daughters Mariah and Tania. They have also adopted two boys from Hawaii. They are Keli’I and Kanani. It was her third marriage, after the first two divorces from her previous husbands.

In 2007, her husband was put in jail again and he has to serve 15 years in prison because of theft. The wife was trying to do everything possible to show that her husband is innocent and this did not affect their relationship.

In 2016, Tia Torres suffered an injury at the left leg and it was before the premiere of the 8th season of the show. It was a twisted knee and it was when she was trying to take care of the children. After this accident, she was taken to a hospital and this is when she underwent emergency surgery since the bone hit the artery.

Tia Torres was born and raised in California. She had a difficult childhood and had been raised by her stepmother. She says that she is the only mother she knows. She is over 57 years old and she lives in New Orleans, in the city of Louisiana by now. She is tall with 5 feet and 1inch. She is strong and has a well built body.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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