Theresa Caputo is a television personality who was born in America and she appears at TLC reality TV series called the Long Island Medium. Caputo had been born and also raised in the city of Hicksville in New York. Her mother is Veronica and her father is Nicholas J Brigandi, the father was working like a firefighter at the Fire Department in New York. Her family originated in Italy, Norway and England. She appeared at TLC Reality TV series called Long Island Medium from 2012. She is the author for two books, they are under the name of Theresa Caputo!, The Experience.

The claim of Theresa Caputo to be the medium had been challenged by many people. Including the new programs on television and they include Inside Edition. The print publications like Wired Magazine also challenged it. D.J Grothe described her like a Charlatan while James Randi said that the claims she had are not true.

James Randi Educational Foundation had awarded her the Pigasus Award which is the award which want to expose the psychic, paranormal and praphysical frauds.

Massimo Polidoro, an investigator, called Caputo a performer and Criss Angel gave him a million so that she can prove the claims. Susan Gerbic, a skeptical activist, she summarized different technique which are believed that Caputo uses with other psychics so that they may achieve their claims.

In the year 2017, together with her husband called Larry Caputo, they said that they want to separate and they had been together for over 28 years. In their married life, they were able to get two children and the two appeared on her show. They are Victoria Caputo and Larry Caputo. In the year 2018, her husband said that they want to get a divorce. The two got married in the year 1989. The two lived happily for a long time but the marriage ended in the end.

According to her biography, Theresa Caputo dreamed that her husband was cheating on her in the episodes of 2013. This is when she asked him to go dancing or counseling so that they may fix their marriage problems. However, Larry decided that they should go to dance.

Afterwards they decided that they would divorce and they are willing to work together in supporting the family. Even if they did not say the reason behind the divorce, she said that she had the premonition that the husband may have been cheating on her.

Even if she is media personnel, she did not provide the information about her studies. There is no reliable source available that talks about the studies he did. On her studies, she tries to talk with the brokenhearted and she helps them to connect with the loved ones. From her books and work at Long Island Medium, she had been able to make up to 3 million dollars.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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