Terry Bradshaw is a well known former American football player who hails from the country of the United States of America. Terry Bradshaw has played professionally as a quarterback in the NFL (National Football League) as well. After retiring as a professional football player, since the year 1994, Terry Bradshaw has taken up the mantle of being a sports analyst and he is also been the co-anchor on Fox NFL Sunday. Terry Bradshaw has also been seen in various films and TV shows as well.

Personal Life

Terry Bradshaw was born on the 2nd of September in the year 1948. Terry was born in the city of Shreveport, in the state of Louisiana, in the country of the United States of America. Terry Bradshaw’s father was a man named William Marvin “Bill” Bradshaw. William Marvin “Bill” Bradshaw was originally from Sparta, located in Tennessee. While Terry Bradshaw’s mother was a woman named Novis Bradshaw (née Gay). Terry Bradshaw has two siblings, both of whom are brothers and of which he is the middle born. Terry Bradshaw’s older brother is named Gary, while his younger brother is named Craig.

Terry Bradshaw has been married four times, the most recently he got married to Tammy, a woman who has been his girlfriend for 15 years prior to the wedding.


It is known by neighbours that the Bradshaw’s have an impeccable work ethic, Terry Bradshaw lived for a greater period of his early life in the city of Camanche in the state of Iowa, it was here that he decided that he was going to start playing football. As a teenager, Terry Bradshaw along with his entire family moved back to the city of Shreveport and there Terry was a student at the Woodlawn High School and was a player under A.L.Williams, who was the assistant coach. Terry Bradshaw led his team, the Knights to the finals of the AAA High School Championship Game in the year 1965, though his efforts were wasted, and the team eventually lost the finals.

Terry Bradshaw played with the Pittsburgh team for 14 long seasons and he even won 4 Super Bowl championships within a span of 6 years starting from 1974 to 1979. Thereby it made Terry Bradshaw the first quarterback to have won 3 and eventually 4 Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw also guided the Steelers to glory in the AFC Central Championships, by winning it eight times.

Last Modified: 24 Jun, 2018

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