Quick facts
Birth date 7 Mar, 1962
Age 57 yrs
Occupations Singer
Film actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Nassau County
Gender Female
Description American pop vocalist, songwriter, dance artist, and actress

Leslie Wunderman, who is more known as Taylor Dayne, which is her stage name, was born on 7th March in the year 1962. Her biography began in New York’s Manhattan, where she drew the first breath. However, too few facts are known about her childhood.


At first, Taylor Dayne studied at a high school in New York’s Baldwin. While studying at the school, she was taking singing lessons. In addition, Taylor Dayne studied in a college.

Career Experience

Right after graduating from the high school, Taylor Dayne began to pursue the career of a singer. At first, she performed in not so famous rock bands like “Next” and “Felony”. After her graduation from the college, however, she started to perform solo and even recorded two songs: “Tell Me Can You Love Me” (1986) and “I’m The One You Want” (1985). Both of the single were released not under her name, but she used the name Les Lee, and she could release the songs thanks to her cooperation with her first label, Mega Bolt.

Thereafter, she became known as Taylor Dayne after signing a contract with Arista Records, another label. At the end of the year 1987, she released a song under the title “Tell It to My Heart” which forced an entrance into the top 10 in the charts. The song had quickly conquered the world, whereas it topped the charts in many countries (for example, West Germany).

Right after such an incredible success, she released more top-reaching singles like “Heart of Stone”, “I’ll Be Your Shelter”, “Love Will Lead You Back”, “With Every Beat of My Heart”, “Don’t Rush Me”, “I’ll Always Love You”, and “Prove Your Love.” Three out of the mentioned songs became gold singles in the United States. Moreover, the “Love Will Lead You Back” (1990) song topped the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks and the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Her first two albums, “Can’t Fight Fate” (1989) and “Tell It to My Heart” (1988), have been the most successful in her career. Even though she recorded three more albums later, only one song from the third album (“Soul Dancing” which was released in 1993) was in the top 40 in the charts. One of the covers made by Taylor Dayne, namely “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”, reached the second place in the Australian charts.

In addition to that, Taylor Dayne appeared in a number of TV shows and starred in movies. In particular, she appeared in the “Nightman” (1997) TV series, “Stag” (1997), “Fool’s Paradise” (1997), and “Jesus the Driver” (2004). Up to date, the net worth of Taylor Dayne is believed to be equal to $4 million.

Personal life

Taylor Dayne has never been married or looking for a husband. Too few facts are known about her previous relationships. She is known as an active supporter of same-sex marriages. Moreover, she considers the community of LGBT to be the most loyal fans of hers. Despite the fact the actress has not been wedded or noticed in the relationship with someone, she gave a birth to two twins through the agency of surrogacy in 2002. The names of the children are, however, not known to the public.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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