Sylvia Gani

Have You Checked on Sylvia’s Biography/Bio and Wiki?

Sylvia Gani was born on October 16, 1994, in Ottawa, Canada. Sylvia is 1.65 meters tall or 5 feet and 5 inches. The Canadian national has two siblings and of North American ethnicity. Sylvia has blond hair and hazel-colored eyes.


Sylvia studied Criminal Studies and Law. Sylvia once mentioned that she wanted to be a model, but her height didn’t permit her and made a joke out of it. The Youtuber was dating Charles also known as WolfieRaps, who is also a Youtuber. Charles was present in most of her videos. Sylvia posted a video titled “Boyfriend guess the price of makeup.” The former couple also posted a funny video which she titled “Boyfriend buys my Makeup.” Sylvia and Charles seemed to enjoy making videos of themselves until he posted on his Twitter account in 2016 that he and Sylvia broke up. The post was flooded with retweets and questions asking for the reason for their breakup. Charles chose to keep silent and assure their fans that they choose to handle the issue offline. Sylvia even posted a video in her Youtube channel on tips on “How to Survive Heartbreak.” The Vlogger also thank her followers and subscribers for their respect for her privacy.


Do You Know Facts about Sylvia?

Sylvia Gani is a Canadian beauty guru and a Youtuber. Sylvia posts video of makeup tutorial. The young artist has her Youtube channel which has 1.8 million followers and expected to increase. Sylvia is also active in social media with 153 thousand followers on twitter, and on Instagram, she has 610 thousand followers. Sylvia posted only informative videos on her website and channel. Sylvia’s official website is, and you can check her Youtube Sylvia Gani.


Sylvia started to be visible on social media when she posted a makeup video tutorial in 2015. In her official website, she keeps uploading photos of the latest makeup and fashion trend. The artist’s fame became doubled when she posted a video which she titled “Ariana Grande – Focus | Easy Makeup Tutorial.” Sylvia uses L’Oréal and Sephora which people believed such brands sponsor her so she can promote them in her website and channel. Sylvia has a unique way of making videos in an informative and funny way which was believed to be the reason for her increasing subscribers.


What is Sylvia’s Age?

Sylvia is currently 24 years old. At a young age, she has gained fame in doing Youtube videos.



Who are Sylvia’s Family?

There is not enough information about her family. However, on her website, she posted videos with her mother so we can assume that she is close to her mother. In some of her videos, she involved her brother which later known as Adam. Sylvia also has a sister, but she didn't give the name. The family is currently residing in Lousiana.


Last Modified: Dec 3, 2018

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