Quick facts
Birth date 10 Dec, 1970
Age 49 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Television presenter
Citizenship United Kingdom
Birth place Croydon
Residence Lambeth
Education Cardiff University
University of Bristol
Gender Female
Description English television presenter

Susanna Reid is one of the most popular English journalists of the BBC channel. She is currently presenting BBC Breakfast and other shows. She also appeared, as an actress, in many films.

Susanna Reid has three sons with Dominic Cotton but is not legally married to him. She has been living together with her long time boyfriend and former sports correspondent, Dominic Cotton. She recently mentioned in a social media site that Dominic and her, make a great pair and he makes her laugh and that is why the relationship is still working great for them. The couple seems to have no plans of marrying. There are some rumors about Susanna Reid having an affair with Charlie Stayt on many internet sites, however, nothing has been proved.

There were rumors that Susanna Reid married Dominic in 2001, but most of the sources confirm that they are living together, since 1998. In 2013, she was criticized by the Twitter users for flirting with Alex Turner and in 2010 with Hugh Grant in the show. She got frustrated by the comments in the social media and mentioned that BBC Breakfast does politics, rakes up social issues and other topic program and also said that interviews need to be taken on a lighter tone. She also that being friendly does not need to be associated with flirting. Susanna Reid had a choppy childhood after her parents got divorced and she didn’t want the same kind of a divorce situation with Dominic and she says that he totally understands her reason, for not getting married.

When asked about this, Susanna Reid said that Dominic is her best friend and she is able to retain her dream job, because of his support. She said people get confused and think that she is not attached to Dominic, because she doesn’t wear a ring. She has faced a lot of criticism about the way she dresses in the show and flirting but there has no proof that she has affairs. Her parents’ divorce made her afraid of commitment, till she met Dominic. The couple has three kids and all of them live together happily.

Susanna Reid said Dominic do not worry about the flirting and affair rumors and they are together for a very long time and are happy with their three sons (Sam:11, Finn:9 and Jack:8). Dominic does not seem to care about the rumors about Susanna Reid and Kevin, her dancing contest partner. Kevin is a happily engaged professional dancer and when they concentrate on their footwork, there is no time for romance. Many think that her sultry looks made her a target for all the rumors, especially the supposed flirting with the rocker, Alex, during the show.

The 41 year old journalist says she strives hard to spend a lot of time with her family. She said that her children are very adaptable and Dominic is very supportive. She leaves for her work very early and picks her children, from school, in the evening. She is very positive about her busy family and career life.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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