Sunny Hostin was born as Asuncion Cummings. She is social commentator, multi platform journalist and an American lawyer. She is a senior Legal correspondent and an analyst of ABC News. She is also the co-host at Morning talk show of ABC called The View. She was born in the city of New York and her father is Jewish Mother from Puerto Rican called Rosa Beza.

Her father is African-American father and she was called William Cummings. Hostin got raised in the city of Bronx of New York and she went to All Girls academy called Dominican Academy. She speaks well Spanish. She got her degree as undergraduate of English and Rhetoric at Binghamton University. She got a law degree at Notre Dame Law School.

Sunny Hostin started the career at law clerk and she was working for the retired chief Judge Robert M Bell for Maryland Court of Appeals. She became the trial attorney for Antitrust Division and for US Department of justice. She went away from antitrust division and worked as federal prosecutor. She specialized in the child sex crime. Hostin got award of Special Achievement Award because of the successful prosecution for the sex offenders.

She started the television career when she was the commentator for the Court TV and got the sport at Fox News program known as The O’ Reilly Factor. She was appearing at the segment called, Is It legal?. She was always in the debate with Megyn Kelly and Bill O’ Reilly. President Jon Klein had to sign her to this net work in 2007 to work like legal analyst for the flagship morning show named American Morning. In the year 2014, Hostin started to appear like a guest contributor for ABC daytime talk show known as The View. During the year 2016, it was said that Hostin had joined ABC News like a senior Legal correspondent also an analyst. She is now working as a regular co-host for the View beginning, for the twentieth season of the show.

From her biography, she got married to an orthopedic surgeon named Emmanuel Hostin in the year 1998. They have two children together and they were born in 2002. Their son Gabriel was born in 2002, while their daughter Paloma was born in 2006. She is among the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and on The View, she started that she is a catholic.

Sunny Hostin had covered different major political and legal stories and they include FLDS polygamy case, Conrad Murray, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman trials. She also reported about mental illness and custody battles of Brittney Spears, Duke Rape scandal and the civil trials of OJ Simpson.

She had published different scholarly and popular books in different topics and they include crimes against women, everyday legal issues, ponzi schemes and securities fraud. She is also a public speaker who became well known because of her lively speaking style.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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