Steve Murphy is a Canadian television personality. Currently, he is a member of CTV News. He is 54 years old, divorced and has two children from his first and second marriage.

Steve’s personal life is somewhat in the public eye. He has been married twice that the media knows of with a child from each former wife. Whether he is currently married or has a girlfriend is unknown. His career is booming with many promising things, but his personal life seems to be out of the public eye for a moment, at least.

His career began in 1977 and only went up from there while his love life went down. He went from someone small to someone well known and well liked in the entertainment business. Ultimately, he tries to keep his life as private as possible but occasionally, news will leak out. Steve Murphy’s personal life is known somewhat. It is clear that he has been married and divorced many times. This may seem bad to the public eye, but we all have our list of mistakes. Steve’s just so happen to be failed marriages. There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps he has just not found the right woman for him. There are plenty of fish in the sea and with his growing success, and he is bound to attract a few.

There have been little reports of late as to if Steve has a new girlfriend or wife or relationship, in general, for that matter. It seems he is currently focusing on his career and his two children. His personal life is kept from the public for the most part. There is information on his past relationships but nothing of the current one. We think his growing success is cause for this decision. Being an anchor for CTV Atlantic has proved beneficial career-wise and personally. While he has gained some recognition from his current job, he has also gained plenty of fans. It is only a matter of time before he finds new love; we are certain. Occasional rumors fly when it comes to his personal life but nothing that has any solid proof. It is all just speculation and hope that Steve will find the right girl for him someday. Going from CFBC Saint John to something as big as CTV Atlantic can be overwhelming. It is the most popular of newscast channels and Steve clearly has something to do with it.

He is handsome and successful. He is a television personality so you can make plenty jealous when they see his face on their screens. It is only a matter of time before someone comes along and scoops him up. His personal life may seem a little lonely lately, but it's paying off for his career. He has all the time in the world to focus on his career and children. A relationship would be nice for him, but we are happy with the way things are. There is no rush, Steve.

Last Modified: Oct 21, 2018

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