Stephen Bishop, a singer, a musician, an actor, a song writer and a producer by profession, came to life on November 14th 1951. He is a Native American and was born in San Diego, California, U.S. He was born to his parents in US and had an active interest in music since very young age. He was a fan of ‘The Beatles’ and after watching their performance he bought his first guitar which he got from his brother. He also formed a band named ‘The Weeds’ while he was very young in age and was studying. Stephen did his high school from Will C. Crawford High School and started participating in many musical stage shows and concert while at high school.

He was appreciated for his performances in the contests and the competitions. Stephen is not known to have been married or having a wife in the past and very less is known about his personal relationships as he does not like discussing them on media or on social platforms. However he is said to be dating Karen Allen, who was an actress by profession, in the past. However the couple is said to have split up later on and this had much impact on Stephen as well and he has written a song on his break up with Karen as well.

According to his biography, Stephen started his professional career with music when he formed a band named ‘The Weed’ after his high school along with some fellow friends. The band won many competitions also but later had to split because of some problems. After the split of the band Stephen tried his luck in becoming a solo singer for 8 years but could not gain much success and had to remain jobless. However he kept on writing songs and made a huge collection of fresh songs in his struggle days.

Stephen was able to do a contract with ABC records in the year 1976 and he came out with his debut album named ‘Careless’ with them. The album was an instant hit and its single songs also gained much success at the box office. The songs remained as top charts in US and Stephen rose to fame because of this album. He came out with his second album ‘Bish’ in the year 1978 which was again a major success. He sold millions of copies of the album and established himself as a successful singer and musician in Hollywood. He later on worked and came out with many albums including ‘Red Cab to Manhattan’, ‘Blue Guitars’, ‘The Demo Album 1’, ‘Romance in Rio’ and many others. Stephen has also worked and appeared in short cameo roles in various movies and TV shows and has been much appreciated there.

Stephen has an estimated net worth of around $ 3 million and his net worth is projected to increase in future as well because of his successful career in music and his present and future musical projects which he is working on.

Last Modified: Oct 24, 2018

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