Stephanie Krohn is the wife to the sportscaster at the ESPN called Neil Everett. Neil is known as the funnyman of the Sportscenter, however, the latest commentary on the shootings at the Oregon College and this was not fun.

Neil was born and also raised in the city of Spokane in Washington. He finished the schooling at the Clark High school and went to University of Oregon where he got a degree of journalism. Among the first job of Everett, is the assistant athletic director and the sports information director of Hawaii Pacific University. She is the communication director of Jeep Oahu Bowls and Jeep Aloha.

Before working as the anchor of ESPNews and of SportsCenter, he was working as the sports director of the KGMB-TV which is the affiliate for the CBS. Everett did join the co-hosting in 1:00 am edition for SportsCenter of Los Angeles for the year 2009.

Stephanie Krohn went with her husband to University of Oregon but they did not meet while at the college, but they meet while at the fundraiser of Tiger Woods and this is where Stephanie worked and Neil was the host of this event in the year 2008. They started to date and after few years, they decided to get married in the year 2013.

According to her biography, Stephanie Krohn changed her name to be Stephanie Everett because of the marriage to Neil. Stephanie was born to Stephen Krohn who is 65 years now and worked at Department of the Justice and Education. Stephanie finished her schooling in the year 2002 at the University of Oregon and this is where she got the BA in International studies and in Spanish literature.

The two got married at the beach and they were wearing beach attire. The wedding reception happened on Saturday in the art Gallery and it was after the intimate nuptials that took place early the same week.

While horning the ties that Everett has on the Hawaiian, he spent some years there and he starts by the word Howzit which is the slang term from Hawaiian and it means how it is going. Neil Everett has been born in the city of Portland and he got raised in Spokane of Washington. While at high school, he was the player of the football and basketball. While at high school, he got associated to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. However, his mother died because of cancer when he was only 21 years old.

When he was in Hawaii, he was working like the athletic administrator with Hawaii Pacific University for over 15 years. Afterwards, he shifted to a new job and got hired to work at KITV, an affiliate of ABC. He was a news writer first; afterwards he became assignment editor and then a sports anchor. Afterwards, he started to work at KGMB.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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