Stefano Catelli, born in Italy, is a businessman and fashion tycoon. He had been a simple and usual man devoid of any publicity. He had a humble beginning when he was appointed as Menswear Manager in Club 21 in 1999. He also worked as Sales Manager, and Brand Manager in different stores. Presently, he is working as Product Manager with FOURMARKETING. Stefano Catelli is widely famous as the husband of Gemma Artenton, an actress of repute.

Personal Life

Stefano has an Italian ancestry, and spent his early life in Italy. However, there is little information available about his date of birth or age. However, according to an unconfirmed source, he is 37-year old, 6 feet in height, and has dark brown eyes. Social media or informative sites such as Wiki do not contain any information about his personal details. He was fascinated with fashion and business from his childhood days.

He usually dreamt of becoming a fashion tycoon someday. However, he was shy nature wise, and never divulged any information about his personal life even after becoming famous by marrying an actress of repute. There is no information available about his education and educational institutions he attended. It is not known whether he majored in any discipline of fashion industry. He was in the oblivion or not so famous and popular due to his profession as a Sales Manager. Presently, he has gained popularity due to his association with some famous fashion designing entities.

As aforesaid, he became famous when he married Gemma Arterton, an actress in 2010. At the first sight, they considered themselves made for each other, and were deep in love. After courtship for sometimes, Stefano proposed to her in 2009. They ultimately married on 5th June 2010. They vowed to continue together for the whole life, but it was not to be. In November 2012, a divorce petition was filed, and finally they divorced in 2015.

However, even after the divorce, they are friends. It is widely believed that Gemma had an affair with another person even when she was married to Stefano. As per current information, Stefano is single, and there is no rumour about any affair.


Stefano had a humble beginning of his career as a Sales Manager in 1999. He started his career as a Menswear Manager in a store named Club 21 in 1999 and continued there till 2004. It was his first major assignment, and grabbed the opportunity well. He promoted and propelled himself in the world of fashion industry. It was due to his sheer experience and insight that later, he was appointed as Sales Manager in another store named Weston Represents in 2008. He also worked as Brand Manager with Miracle Edgedale. Presently, he is working as Product Manager with FOURMARKETING.

Like his family details, much is not known about his salary and net worth through his biography or otherwise. However, it is widely believed that he has been getting a handsome salary, and must have accumulated a huge fortune.

Last Modified: 04 Aug, 2018

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