Stacey Dales was born in the year 1979 and she is a former basketball player born in Canada and now she works for NFL Network. She was born in the city of Collingwood in Ontario and she got raised in the city of Brockville in Ontario.

From her biography, she attended of Oklahoma and Thousand Islands Secondary school. While at TISS, she was a star of Pirates Ladies Basketball team. She helped her school to capture AA High School basketball championship three times. She made the appearance in Olympic appearance for Canada in the year 2000 and then appeared in All-American team of the year 2001 and of 2002. She became one of the Big 12 Conference players because of the number of her assist which are 764. She recorded 700 Assists, 600 rebounds and 1,700 point which made her to be the Oklahoma player who did this for the first time.

After finishing her schooling, she used the name Dales-Schuman because she got married but got a divorce in just one year, returning to her name Dales alone. She got drafted at third overall in the year 2002 and had to join Washington Mystic. This was a highest pick for Canadians. She got named All-Star Team like a replacement. While playing at Washington, she found out that she suffers Raynaud’s phenomenon of hands. She said that she is retiring in the year 2004.

She stayed in the retirement for just one year and then joined Chicago Sky during the expansion draft. This is because Washington did not protect her. In 2008, she retired again in the year 2016, she got inducted in the Hall of Fame of Brockville together with Burke Dales, her brother.

While playing at WNBA, she was playing like Guard-Forward. She is 183cm. She is at the 4th position with WNBA, because of 3 pointers and 2nd for the 3 points made. Stacey Dales worked as analyst of College Basketball for women and men. She is also the sideline reporter in football games on college level for ESPN. She left the station after a dispute. In the year 2009, she joined NFL where she was to be a co-host for Gameday Morning. After a season, she got assigned as a reporter of Gameday on the location every week. In the winter Olympics of 2010, she got hired to join Universal Sports where she was working like a correspondent.

Her brother called Burke, was playing in the Canadian Football League for 10 seasons and retired in the year 2014. She has a cousin called Jason Arnott who played in NFL for 18 seasons and retired in the year 2013. Besides her marriage to Chris Schuman and her divorce, there is no more information about her getting involved into another man or having any child. By now, she is said to be single.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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