Basically from English origin, Sophie Dymoke is girlfriend of Matthew Goode. She is a gorgeous and beautiful lady. Dymoke is famous because of her 9 years long relationship with Goode. Personally, she is not in showbiz. In order to support her partner and family she often works in fashion industry as designer. Most of her presence of screen is witnessed in events with Matthew Goode.

Relationship with Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode, a famous English actor debuted in 2002 on British TV. He rose to stardom due to his character of Henry Talbot. This was played on famous British series Downtown Abbey. Sophie Dymoke dated with Matthew Goode for the first time in the year 2007. Both make very happy couple as proved from their long term relationship. In his many interviews, Goode mentioned that he wanted to be his personal and professional life in separate spheres. Perhaps, that’s why there is not much known about Sophie Dymoke’s biography and age. She is more seen as Matthew’s Girlfriend. Matthew was born in 1978 and is more than 36 years old. From certain resources it is acclaimed that Sophie is also 34 years old. This is not verified. She looks much adorable with Matthew Goode.

Family Life of Sophie Dymoke:

Sophie is not married to Matthew but they plan to do so soon. Being in a relationship for such a longer period has strengthened their bond. Sophie and Matthew became parents of three children together. Their first baby girl was born in the year 2009. She was named as Matilda Eve. The Second Baby girl was born in the year2013. She was named as Teddie Eleaner Rose Goode. Their relationship as partners further strengthened and Sophie gave birth to a baby boy, Ralph Goode.

Matthew says that he thinks life as a single is easier. Still, he is much comfortable with his family life. After, such long relationship Sophie has not married yet. There are not clashes among the couple and they don’t plan to separate ever. There are chances that they will marry soon.

Sophie Dymoke’s Professional Life

Sophie is known within public because of her star partner. There is very little known about her professional life. She has height and figure of a fashion model. In her latest job she worked for MiH Jeans. She worked only to support her kids. Sophie has always remained away from social media. Her face book account reveals that she socializes with only few close friends. Fact may be attributed to her affiliation and commitment with family life. Sophie rose to fame due to her relationship with Matthew. She often travelled with him to the sets of his movies and accompanied him. As for as, Sophie’s net worth is concerned she is more dependent on her partner. Due to her personal commitments she didn’t work much in showbiz. Interviews reveal that Matthew is also happy with choices of Sophie.

It would be wrong to say that most of the personal and professional choices of Sophie are related to Goode. It all depends on whatever turn is taken by their relationship.

Last Modified: Oct 24, 2018

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