Simon Konecki is known as an American businessman. He is most famous for being the ex-husband of a popular singer, Adele.

Background and Age

Simon Konecki was born on April 17, 1974, in New York. Simon went to grade school in New York before moving to England where he went to the well known Eton school in England.

Career and Net Worth

Simon was the director of a contributing organization called EBS. At his work, he was encompassed by extremely rich people and CEOs of different organizations. Despite the fact that it was pleasant employment, he didn't make the most of his time at EBS. He didn't care for the chain of command of the organization and that reality he needed to reply to such a significant number of various leaders. He chose to cut his very own way and turned into an independent foreign exchange broker.

During his career as a specialist, he made a companion in a man named Lucas White. Lucas and Simon hit it off truly well and built up a solid team together. The two chose to progress toward becoming work colleagues. At the time, Simon had a ton of extra time on his hands. He had the chance to accept dangers and difficulties as a youthful risk taker. He eventually found an occupation working for Lehman Brothers at 24 years old, which was probably the greatest firm in the industry. Simon was utilized at Lehman for only three years until understanding that he could utilize his new associations and aptitude in the business to achieve more prominent things for himself. Subsequent to leaving the Lehman occupation, Simon and Lucas concocted providing clean water to everybody. They called the organization Life Water and furthermore made philanthropy called Drop4Drop.

Marriage, Wife and Kids

In the wake of meeting the famous singer, Adele at a business party in England, they started dating one another. Their relationship turned into the focal point of media stories due to the fact that Adele is among the best singers of her era. Toward the start of 2017, sensationalist newspapers started to report about the mystery marriage among Simon and Adele. They started to hypothesize on the grounds that there were photographs of Simon and Adele wearing matching rings.

Adele won a Grammy for Album of the year and recognized her union with Simon before an enormous group and the TV crowd. In March of 2017, she had a show in Brisbane, Australia where she proudly proclaimed her status as a married woman. They brought forth a child named Angelo James Konecki. In September 2019, it was announced that Adele had filed for divorce from Simon.

Last Modified: Nov 21, 2020

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