Sharon Scott is the wife to Jon Scott and they had been married for many years. Jon Scott is a guest anchor who works at Happening Now. He was the original anchor of the Fox News Channel. He is known because of how he handled the events of Sept, 11 in the year 2001. After the attack at the World Trade Center, he anchored the coverage of the network for the first minutes and he reported for over 8 hours.

During the reporting, he was steady and calm. He did help the viewers to view different tragedies that were unfolding live in Pennsylvania, Virginia and in New York.

When he worked on Fox, he had been able to cover many events including the floods, hurricanes, Afghanistan wars, royal weddings and space shuttle launch. He covered live, the Operation Iraqi Freedom. From his biography, Jon Scott went to Fox news from the NBC News. He also worked like a correspondent to Dateline NBC. He had been able to get Emmy award because of news writing.

At the time that Bill O’ Reilly was the anchor of the syndicated news magazine, he was reporting for the Inside Edition. He started the career like an anchor and then reported in many station like Denver and Miami.

For many years, Jon had been married to Sharon Scott. Even if they had been together for many years now, their relationship is still strong. They have got four children but Jon does not like to talk too much about his marriage or personal life. Among the sons of Jon, there is one called Joshua Scott and he worked in the country of Afghanistan in the year 2013. He is proud father for his son. He is happy about the achievement with the contribution the son made towards their country.

Sometime during the interview, he would talk about the benefits and disadvantages of having a family member in military. He does not have too many rumors that surround his own personal life or being involved into affairs.

Jon Scott had been involved into many controversial topics. This is when he talked about the reasons why Muslims are viewed in negative way, that it is because they set off the bombs and they burn people when they are still alive. He was also said that he copied the press release of Republican Party and this was because there were same errors in the two documents. He apologized about the errors but refused to say that he copied.

Jon Scott had worked in Journalist for more than 3 decades and had worked for well known networks like Fox News Channel, KUSA-TV, WPLG-TV and NBC. Even if it is known that he is being enough money as a salary, it is not clear how much he makes. However, it is believed that he had a net worth in thousands.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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