Shanna Janette Riley Atwood, born on February 21st 1983 is better known as Shanna Riley is a popular American Internet personality and also the ex-wife of an American Youtuber, vlogger and a comedian-Roman Atwood, who is best known for his prank channel ”Roman Atwood” and daily blogs channel ”RomanAtwoodVlogs”.

The couple started dating in 1999 and soon after Shanna’s graduation, the couple tied a knot on 17th November, 2001, at an early age of 17 years-in Licking County, Ohio. The couple was blessed with a baby boy, whom they named Noah Vaughn Atwood, on 18th October, 2004.Shanna is said to have cheated on her husband, with a producer, while he was away on a vacation. Her affair turned their marriage in an unsuccessful affair.

On learning about his wife’s affair with the producer, Roman filed a divorce case against her, which was officially initiated and completed in 2010. After the divorce, the couple was given the joint custody of their son wherein Shanna would take care of Noah during the weekdays while Roman would have to keep him during the weekends.

Roman, being an active person on the social media, did not keep the platform isolated from the family issues. He uploaded vlogs and videos with the title “My Wife Is a Bitch”, that showcased the bitterness between him and his ex-wife Shanna, evidently.

Shanna filed a case against Roman as she didn’t wanted Roman to drag their kid in Roman’s videos it made him earn more money, but Roman won the case and got the entire custody of their son, Noah. Shanna was still allowed to meet and spend quality time with her son, during the Christmas time, as per the court orders. Noah too was allowed to be a part of his father’s videos shortly after the victory.

Although Roman is said to have moved on in his life, with his new girlfriend, Brittney Smith-whom he is said to have met at a wedding function of his close friend, there are no reports that discuss about the current relationship status of his ex-wife, Shanna Riley. There are no figures that define Shanna’s net worth on the net.

Roman and Britteny are also blessed with a son ,Kane Alexander Atwood, who was born on 23rd October,2011.Both Roman and his son, Noah are in a good space with Britteny and Kane and the four of them seem to have a joyful time altogether, as a family now.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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