Sergio Garcia is a well known golfer who hails from the country of Spain. Sergio Garcia is a professional golfer who has been the title winner for “The Players Championship” in the year 2008. Currently, he tours on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. At present, Sergio Garcia is the most earning and highest paid golfer in all of Spain.

Personal Life and Career

Sergio was born in the city of Borriol, located in Castellon, in the country of Spain, therefore from birth he has been a citizen of Spain and also belongs to the ethnic background of the Spaniards. Sergio Garcia, born on January 9, in the year 1980 was born as Sergio Garcia Fernandez.

Born to Consuelo Fernandez and Victor Garcia, Sergio Garcia has 2 siblings as well, they are Mar Garcia Fernandez and Victor Garcia. It was Sergio Garcia’s father, Victor Garcia, a club professional by occupation who is located in the city of Madrid, in the country of Spain, who motivated him to play golf as a young child, and then later take it up as a profession. Sergio Garcia ventured into the sport at the tender age of 3 and it was from there that he started his journey to greatness.

Further details about Sergio Garcia’s early life, such as his siblings’ professions, Sergio Garcia’s own educational details, anecdotes about his teenage life, none of which are available to the media, nor do they find mention in his biography.

However, about his love life, the media does know about some of his relationships, such as his relationship with Katharine Boehm, the reputed female golfer. Even his relationship with Morgan Norman was in the news, however, both of these relationships were short lived and ended with the couples breaking up.

Early in the year 2001, Sergio Garcia began dating Martina Hingis, who herself was a professional tennis player who hailed from the country of Switzerland. Their one year long relationship was highly publicised due to both of them having a sizeable fan following world-wide. At present, Sergio Garcia is engaged to Angela Akins, the coupe have been seeing each other since the year 2015 and later got engaged in the year 2017. As of now, they haven’t confirmed anything about their marriage plans.

Sergio Garcia most recently won the Omega Dubai Dessert Classic, in the month of February, in the year 2017, apart from that he has been a regular at major tournaments and even tours on the European Tour and the PGA Tour.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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