Sergey Brin is the man behind Google together with Larry Page and the two are now billionaires from the time the Google become a media giant and the most used search engine. Sergey Brin was born in the year 1973 and it was in the city of Moscow, in Russia. The family went in United States when they escape persecution of Jewish in the year 1979.

While at Stanford University, he met Larry Page and the two decided to create the search engine which can sort the web page according to their popularity. This is how the search engine was named Google from mathematical term known as googol. From the time of the launch in the year 1998, it became the most used search engine in this world.

They decided to develop the search engine as a part of their research. This is because they concluded that the most popular turn also to be the most useful. After getting 1 million dollars from the family and their friends, the two opened the company in the year 1998. They opened the head quarter in Silicon Valley in California. Google got public offering in the year 2004 and this made Page and Brin billionaires. From that day, Google had become a popular search engine and it got an average of trillion searches in a year.

Google bought YouTube in the year 1.65 billion dollars. In the year 2012, Google opened Google Glass, it is the type of the wearable eyeglass computer and it features voice control and a touchpad. There is also LED illuminated display and voice control. It was touted to be the latest in tech toys but it brought the concerns in the safety and privacy and it had no clear purpose in life. The technology had been used in military, journalism and healthcare.

In the year 2015, Page and Sergey Brin said that Google with other divisions had to be restructured within one umbrella and it is a company they named Alphabet. Page was to be its CEO and Brin was to be its president.

Brin is at no 13 at Forbes list of the billionaires and he had a net worth of 37.9 billion. He works as a director for special projects of Google so he is involved into day to day responsibilities of the business. Page is CEO of Google while Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman.

Sergey Brin got married to Anne Wojcicki, the founder 23andMe. They got married in the year 2007 and they separated in the year 2013. He got divorced in the year 2015. The divorce was because of the affair that Brin had with Amanda Rosenberg, a marketing manager of Google Glass. Sergey Brin had two children with Anne. Sergey Brin mother suffered Parkinson’s disease and in the year 2008, he made a donation at University of Maryland School of Medicine, where the mother is treated.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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