Quick facts
Birth date 7 Apr, 1978
Age 41 yrs
Occupations Carpenter
Interior designer
Citizenship Canada
Birth place Toronto
Education University of Guelph
Gender Male
Description Canadian businessman

Scott Mcgillivray, a renowned real estate investor, a TV personality, a writer, an educator and an advisor by profession, came to life on April 7th 1978. He is a Canadian by Nationality and was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Scott did his graduation from University of Guelph with commerce as specialization. He was awarded with an honors degree by the university. He started his professional career in a rather interesting way.

He did a project in his education on real estate in which he built a real estate model to generate income from investments in real estate. However after passing out from the university and completing his education, he implemented the model himself and generated huge money from there. Scott had a long-time girlfriend named Sabrina whom he married later on and made her his wife. The couple got married in 2009 and has been staying together since then. They have a very strong relationship and have got 2 children as well with the names Myah and Layla. They are staying together as a family in Ontario, Canada. Scott is known for his handsome looks with fair complexion, tall height and charming personality.

According to his biography, Scott started his career implementing his business model which he developed during his education. The model was based on buying some house which is cheap, renovating the house and later on selling the house at higher rates. Scott started his business with a small house he bought and working on this business model he created enormous wealth and property in Canada. He is now an owner of a huge set of mansions with hundreds and thousands of tenants residing in the mansions he owns. Scott later on debuted on TV with a popular TV series named ‘Income Property’ in which he gave tips to the housemakers to earn money through their property in innovative ways. The show went on to become a major success and was much appreciated because of its content and the way it was presented.

Scott became a popular TV personality because of the show. He later on appeared in many TV shows giving tips about properties and real estate on TV. He has also appeared as TV host on many news shows on various channels wherein he has appeared in specific episodes as an expert for real estate sector. Scott is also a writer and has written many books about the real estate sector. He wrote books like ‘How to Add Value to your Home’, ‘Quick Start To Cash Flow’, ‘The Investors Tool Kit’ and others. His books have also got many fans and loyal readers. He has also started other ventures like Keyspire which is related to providing education about real estate to the interested people. Scott also appears in LIVE speaking events to give insights on real estate sector.

Scott has been awarded with the many Canadian Screen Awards for his TV shows which have become very popular. His net worth is estimated to be around $ 4million and is projected to increase in future as well.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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