Quick facts
Birth date 10 Feb, 1975
Age 45 yrs
Occupations Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Rhineland-Palatinate
Gender Male
Description American actor

Scott Elrod is a German citizen by birth but born to an American military family. He was born on 10th February in the year of 1975. The place he was born is called Bitburg which is situated in Germany. He is renowned as an American actor. He has been working in many movies in Hollywood over the years.


He has a huge popularity for his acting career and because of that; people are often interested in his biography. Though he was born in Germany, he was moved to the Philippines and then in United States. There he was raised in Parker, a beautiful place in Colorado. His father’s was an F-16 pilot and seeing his father from his childhood, he wanted to become a pilot like his father. After completing graduation, he earned the license as a pilot and worked as an air traffic controller for some time.


The film Top Gun is the inspiration of being an actor. After watching the movie, he decided to become an actor and for building an acting career, he moved to Los Angeles on April in the year of 2004. There he started to get small roles in ‘CSI: NY’ and in ‘Days of Our Lives’ that eventually got the attention of a casting crew of the TV series named ‘Men in Trees’. In that TV series, he worked in the character ‘Cash’ in 14 episodes of that TV series during 2007 and 2008. In his acting career, he worked in many TV series and in 12 movies. He always wants to become a movie star. In 2013, he remarkably worked in ‘Home Run’ and ‘Lone Survivor’. In ‘Home Run’ directed by David Boyd, he appeared in the character named Cory Brand and in the film ‘Lone Survivor’ directed by Peter Berg he worked in the role of QRF SEAL. The year 2012 is a very special year for him. In that certain year, he worked in the Oscar winning film named ‘Argo’ directed by Ben Affleck. In that film he had the opportunity to work with some great actors like Ben Affleck and also in the direction of Ben Affleck. It was like dream come true for him. He is amazingly successful in his acting career. For his success in his career, he has a net worth of $2 million.


He is a great person with a smart look. His height is 1.89 m. In spite of the fact that he is engaged with his girlfriend, he is not married yet. But he is expecting a child with his girlfriend whom he wants to make his wife. He never disclosed the name of his girlfriend. He is a friendly and pretty active in social media. He has a twitter account with a huge follower base with 10.9 thousand followers following him in twitter which proves the enormous popularity that he has been able to gain over the years in with his amazing works. He loves interacting with the fans through twitting time to time.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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