Born on February 19, 1971 there is no denying the fact that Scott Conant is a name to be reckoned with. He is today considered as one of the most successful American celebrity chef, cookbook author and restaurateur. He has been able to make a big name for himself in the highly competitive industry because of his wonderful ability to come out with some of the most exotic dishes.

He has also earned the nick name of The Raw Red Onion. Therefore if you love food and would like to know more about restaurants and other such eatables, it make sense to try and learn more about the biography of Scott Conant. It will certainly be of help to those who would like to learn more about this person as a fan or even for those who have a fascination for good food.

Early Life

We would like to point out that Conant was born in a place called Waterbury, Connecticut. His mother is of Italian descent. He took to cooking at an early age. In fact he was quite fascinated and interested in cooking and he was put in a cooking class at an early of eleven.

He joined W. F. Kaynor Technical High School to study culinary arts. Scott also further honed is cooking skills by joining Culinary Institute Of America. While studying in this Institute he also worked as intern with a famous institute by the name San Domenico. This restaurant is quite famous and it situated in New York. His love for food and culinary arts took Conant to Munich in Germany where he got well versed with the famous Hotel Bayercher Hof.

Personal Life

Let us now spend some time looking at his personal life. Scott is happily married to his long term girl friend Meltem Conant and their marriage is for nine years. They got married in the year 2007 and it was a private wedding only with family members being a part of it. Both husband and wife continue to love one another and they have two beautiful daughters out of the marriage. Hence there are no reasons to believe that Conant could be looking at affairs outside his marriage.


Conant’s natural flair for cooking and his passion to be in this business has certainly taken him places. It would be pertinent to mention that in 1995 the prestigious Cesare Casella selected him to be the chief chef in a famous upper class restaurant.

His wonderful knowledge and skill set in Italian food item certainly earned him a big and loyal following in New York and surrounding areas. Scott has earned quite a bid of kudos and praises and he has been recognized as one of the best chefs in the country. His success story continued and in 2010 he did open two more restaurants in Las Vegas and they are running quite well.

Net Worth

It would be pertinent to mention here that the net worth of Conant Scott is around $5 million and this again is something which is bound to go up because he has quite a few years of active life left of him. He has written some books which also would help him to increase his overall worth.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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