Sarah Catherine is renowned in world by her prestigious profession of being an architect as well as an interior designer for personal houses. She is also a professional photographer who takes still-life pictures of desired locations.

Personal Life

According to her biography, Sarah Catherine took birth in the city of Auburn which is located in the state of Alabama, making her an American national by birth, as she was born in the United States. She grew up in the beautiful neighbourhood along with her siblings and she was always a keen observer of her surroundings as a child. Sarah was inspired by the different beautiful homes that were a part of her daily walk from school and she always wanted to create one for other people.

Her hobbies as a child included her taking pictures of her family and her home. Catherine completed her education by obtaining a degree in the subject of Interior Designing, in the year of 2009, from the University of Auburn, which was situated in her hometown. Her further studies include her taking classes in the subject of Professional Photography at the University of Vanderbilt which is situated in the city of Nashville.

She is a family person but she has been successful at keeping her family and private life away from the shine of the media and she spends most of her time trying to reach a great height in her professional life. There are no reports of her marriage or divorce. Sarah is not involved in any rumours or controversies as her only aim is to keep her customers happy due to her simple upbringing.


Sarah Catherine initiated her career in interior designing as soon as she graduated from the Auburn University in 2009. She started working at a high-level architectural firm where she got to design larger and commercial projects which made her earn great fame in the business of architecture. But after some time, she realized she didn’t have her heart in commercial work; rather she wanted to pursue her architectural career in the field of residential or home interior designing.

Sarah signed up for working at a smaller and more personal level and made connections with certain contractors and architects to work on new projects related to personal homes. She is a very enthusiastic person and she started taking up new project that came to her by accepting them as new challenges.

Sarah claims that every other residence she designed felt like a whole different world and she gave her everything to make her way through and make it vivid and homely. Her career in photography began more as a passion rather than a profession as she loved taking photographs when she was a child. After her skills in photography were honed, she started working professionally by taking lifestyle photographs.

Sarah spent most of her time by taking candid and unplanned photographs of the family for whom she designed the new home and capturing them in their family moments like the members having dinner or the children playing in the lawn etc. Her hard work and dedication while working are extremely appreciated by her clients and that’s what made her one of the most famous interior designers in the South. Her net worth is not mentioned in the tabs.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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