Biography of Sara Donchey:

Born on 8th April 1989 in Los Angeles, Sara Donchey grew up in an American family with her sister and parents. She has an American nationality and white ethnicity. Sara has graduated in Journalism from San Francisco State University. As soon as she graduated, she joined KPIX-TV as Production Author and Assistant. Before entering into Journalism field, Sara also worked in Pizza shop as a cashier and other petty jobs to manage her expenses. Donchey worked in KRIS-TV where she covered the deadly calamity of Central Texas Flood.

She worked as a prominent reporter and newsperson. Sara is a prime anchor on a Network affiliated to Top 10 Neilson Market. Currently, she is working as a News Anchor at KPRC Channel 2. She is also an emerging talent of US Media Industry. Sara Donchey is quite secretive and reserved when it comes about sharing information about her private life.


Is Sara Donchey married or engaged? Does she have a husband or fiancé?

Sara Donchey has not uttered a single word about her marriage or husband. However, she is in a relationship. Her fans follow her photos and posts on social networking sites and make guesswork about her private life. Once she made a statement in which she thanked ‘That Burrito’ a food supplying catering company for feeding her husband.

Thus, it was said that Sara must be married. She posted an image once on her Facebook account which gave a hint that her husband must be from Defence background. She shares many beautiful pictures with her husband on social networking sites.

In 2017, Sara Donchey also flaunted an engagement ring which confirms that she must be in a serious relationship.

From her Facebook posts and other media presence, one can ensure that she must be happily married. However, the recent news of August 2018 has confirmed that Sara Donchey has given birth to a baby boy. One of the station representatives shared the photo of Sara’s bundle of joy. Sara’s baby has inherited the beautiful looks of his mother.

How is Sara Donchey’s personality?

Anybody can mistakenly consider the gorgeous TV Newsperson as a Model. She has terrific good looks and carved body. Sara has an average height of 5 feet 9 inches and a pleasant skin tone. She has a magnetic personality which any media person would like to have.

What is Sara Donchey’s Net worth?

Sara Donchey is a popular TV Reporter and Newsperson. She is popular on her Social networking sites and has a huge following. She receives a handsome salary from her employer CBS Empire for her work. Being a Media person, she must be appearing in public events too. Her Net worth is estimated to be around 350 thousand US dollars.

Is Sara still continuing with KPRC Channel 2?

After the birth of the baby boy, Sara Donchey is said to have quit the job, however, it is not confirmed officially. The news is neither published nor confirmed from the Newsroom as well.



Last Modified: Mar 1, 2019

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