Samantha Hegseth is the second wife to Pete Hegseth and they got married in the year 2010. This was after he got a divorce from his first wife called Meredith Schwartz who was also his high school girlfriend. She has given birth to three children. The first child was born before their marriage.

When it comes to the biography of Samantha Hegseth, there is not much information available online. This may be because she is not a public figure or a celebrity. This is one of the reasons why the family was able to stay together for long. She was born in the year 1980, in the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota. Her husband is a former executive director for Vets for Freedom and she was a senior counterinsurgency instructor.

He works on Fox News Channel and he had worked here since 2014. He provides the analysis and commentary on primetime and daytime programming of the station.

Pete is among the well known and also most admired people that you can find in News Industry. He is a famous person from the time he started to work at Fox News and has authored a book called In The Arena. He had worked for the country in Afghanistan and Iraq in the army.

The two met because of mutual friends and they fall in love with one another. It was a life at their first meeting. It was when Pete had divorced his wife and it was hard for him. The wedding with Samantha took place at St John’s Episcopal Church of Washington D.C and this is where they vowed to live together. Their three sons are Rex, Boone and Gunner. They go to Eagle Brook Church and they do their studies at Liberty Classical Academy.

Pete is now the host on different channels. He is with Abby Huntsman at Fox news channel, with Jim Acosta at CNN and with Katy Tur at MSNBC. He is also working as a term member for Council on Foreign Relations and he is the author of many editorials in different journals like The Wall Street, New York Post and The Washington Post Journals.

Pete was already married to his first love whom he married after finishing Princeton University for his Bachelor of Arts. They got married in the year 2004 but they divorced in the year 2009. They had no children together.

Pete served first at Infantry platoon leader while at Guantanamo Bay. Afterwards, he went in Samara and Baghdad where he was infantry platoon leader. For his work, he has been awarded Army Commendation medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star Medal and Army Commendation Medal. Pete has an estimated net worth of 3 million and he makes up to 250 thousand per year at Fox News. Only few journalists can make this much at Fox News.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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