Samantha Burton remains to be the talk of many after being part of the Sandlot 2 cast. The movie came out in 2005 and Samantha clearly rose to fame after her solid performance in the movie.

Personal Life

Samantha Burton is not your usual celebrity as she does not have much all over the internet like other known celebrities. In her biography, Samantha was born on the 22nd of December 1991 in Nashville, Tennessee. Her parent’s identities are not mentioned. With no personal details, whatsoever, about her immediate family in her internet profiles it cannot be deduced if she is an only child or if she has siblings.

News of the 26 year old star’s educational background is also left out to the public’s assumption as she has never disclosed which school she attended for her middle and high school studies. It is however known that she went to college. Samantha confirmed this in a post on social media. The post that was tagged as a throwback showed that she was the Homecoming Queen in her college.

Her absence in the media has kept her out of controversy and was only mentioned once during her active acting period. Samantha, who is currently not married, was involved in a relationship with co-star Max Jones. The two met during production of The Sandlot 2 and dated from 2005- 2006. Currently, it is not known if Samantha is seeing anyone.


Samantha in her acting career can be considered a one hit wonder. According to imdb, she has only featured in one movie; The Sandlot 2. With only one appearance, she is however still remembered for that. In the film, Samantha played the role of Hayley Goodfairer. Her net worth and salary are unknown as Samantha continues to keep her private affairs to herself.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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