Salma Botto is a daughter for Juan Diego Botto while her mother is Olga Rodriguez. Juan Diego Botto Rota was born in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina and he is an Argentine-Spanish Actor.

His father disappeared in the Dirty war of Argentine and it was when he was only two years old. He lived with his older sister called Maria and his mother. His sister is an actress. Afterwards, he moved to live in Madrid, Spain and this is where his mother was teaching acting class in the apartment where they lived. He went to New York to attend high school and he lived there in two years. Botto begun acting when he was five years and it was in the film called Juego de Poder or Power Game.

He was also in the film called Sobrivivire or I Will Survive. This is about the woman who loved a man but she did not know that he was homosexual. This role got him both international and national recognition. Botto was at the stage in Spain and appeared in many plays. He directed the play named Privelogio De Ser Perro or Privilege of Being a Dog. This was on the tough life of the immigrants which they are subjected to if they are try sneaking in and live in another country. Botto is now the star of the TNT drama series called Good Behavior and he is playing like Javier. This is a charming hitman who has a moral code.

When it comes to his biography, Botto is now living in the city of Madrid together with his wife. She is a Spanish Journalist who is named Olga Rodriguez. They had got a daughter together named Salma Botto. Botto is involved into politics and had protested 2003 war that took place in Iraq. He is now a member of the support group for other children whose parents disappeared.

Juan Diego Botto is tall and also handsome. Besides his wife, whom he got married to after dating for some time, he had not been involved into any other affair. He is living a happy life together with their daughter and wife.

Juan Diego Botto has a net worth of 1 million dollars. Before, there were rumors that Olga and Juan was separated but such news was found out to be false and this when the couple had announced that they are still together and they are happy. He had not been involved into too many controversies. Juan is 5 feet with 10.75 inches. His hair is brown and his eyes are dark brown. His body weight is not recorded yet. Juan is now active on Twitter and Instagram. On twitter, he has 129k followers and at least 30.6K followers at Instagram. He does not have a Facebook account.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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