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When we talk about some famous comedians of America, the name of Sal Vulcano always comes to the mind. Sal was born on November 6th 1976 and within these 42 years he has been able to make his presence felt as a well known and reputed comedian of the country. He was born in Staten Island, New York City, USA.


Volcano has acted in many small and big screen serials and movies but there is no doubt that Sal became famous for his famous TV comedy show by the name Impractical Jokers. Further his association with the famous comedy troupe The Tenderloins has also contributed quite a bit as far as his career is concerned. As far as the career of Sal Vulcano is concerned, it all began in 1990 as he tried his hand as an improvisational comedian, producer, actor and scriptwriter.

His first real break came when he was chosen for the NBC Comedy Show known as It’s Your Show. This was hosted by Carson Daly. This sort of opened the flood gates for him and there is no doubt that the hidden camera practical jokes of Sal have also helped him to become hugely popular. He also hosts a podcast with his co partner Brian Quinn and it is titled What Say You.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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