Rory Gates is a son of Bill Gates and his mother is Melinda Gates. He is a student up to now. He does not have any public work and he is an American nationality of white ethnicity. He was born in the year 1999, in the city of Seattle in the Washington state. He attended Duke University and he got the University Degree in the Computer Science and in economics. Rory went to Fuqa School of Business and this is where he got the MBA degree.

Rory Gates was born with two sisters, an older sister called Jennifer Katharine and a younger sister called Phoebe Adele. His father Gates, had a position like the chief software architects, CEO and chairman of Microsoft. He was the largest individual shareholder up to 2014. He is also an author and also a co-author of many books. The mother is called Melinda Gates and she is a philanthropist and a businesswoman. She is a co-founder for Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation. She worked for Microsoft and she was the project manager of Microsoft Bob, Expedia and Encarta.

From his biography, the grandfather was called William H. Gates Sr and he worked like a prominent lawyer while the grandmother called Mary Maxwell Gates, was at the board of the directors at First Interstate BankSystem and at The United Way. The grandmother of his father was JW Maxwell, who became the national bank president. He is the grandson to Raymond Joseph French Jr, who was aerospace engineer and of Elaine Agnes Amerland, a homemaker.

When it comes to his private life, he is not yet married. He does not talk about having a girlfriend or any affair. He does not talk about the private life to the public. He became famous as the son of the richest person in the world, Bill Gates.

Rory Gates is also rich and he is good looking. He is cute with a smiling face. He likes to appear in the events with his sister and his parents. He has gray hair with the average built body. He is similar to other teenagers. He is tall with 5 feet and 5 inches and his weight is 52kg. It is said that he has a net worth of 20 million and he was born as a millionaire already. His father has a net worth of 79.2 billion and he decided to give each child 10 million dollars. It is not clear if he added the other 10 million dollars or if Rory Gates worked to increase his net worth.

Bill says that his money will be used in the charity works. Bill is also a tough parent and he insists that the children get the cell phone when they reach the age of 13. He works to make sure that the children became respectable and independent citizens. He is not willing to spoil them and Jennifer is already earning enough money for herself.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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