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Romain Dauriac is known as a former French journalist. He is most famous for being the ex-husband of popular American actress Scarlett Johansson. Johansson is well known for playing the Black Widow in the Marvel Universe films. Romain Dauriac was born on July 3, 1982, in the European country of France. Romain is the child of Jean-Francis Dauriac.

Romain Dauriac  Career

Romain Dauriac started out his professional career as a journalist. Dauriac served quite a while for the media industry as a French journalist. In the wake of gaining valuable experience reporting field, he got down to business as a proofreader of the French magazine Clark for an extensive stretch of time.

After Romain Dauriac finished his reporting career, he was chosen as an administrator at an innovative and creative advertising firm in France.

Romain Dauriac  Married, Spouse, Dating, Child, Divorce Personal Life Relationships

Romain because famous because was recently married to the popular and stunning American actress, Scarlett Johansson. Romain was the second spouse of Scarlett. She was previously married to the celebrated Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

Romain and Scarlett met out of the blue with the assistance of French tattoo artist, Fuzi Uvtpk, a common companion of them both. Romain and Scarlett started dating each other back in November 2012. After a year of dating, the couple declared their engagement on in September 2013. They quickly fell in love because of their different cultures. Scarlett was infatuated with his French style and personality. He was in love with his blonde sexy bombshell from America.

The couple together had a little girl named Rose Dorothy Dauriac. Their beautiful daughter was born on September 4, 2014. Following a month of their little girls' introduction to the world, the couple got married on October 1, 2014 to make their family unit official. They had dreams of creating a big family together because they felt that they were a perfect match for each other and would make a great team as parents. Their wedding service was held in Philipsburg, Montana which was an unusual choice because most people don’t assume that Montana is a wedding destination.

Sadly, it was that declared Johansson and Dauriac had broken their marriage in 2016. Johansson petitioned for legal separation from Dauriac on March 7, 2017. There has been no recent news on their new relationships. The media is speculating that they are trying to come up with a friendly agreement on how to parent their child since they are no longer married.


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