Born in the year of 1952 on the 27th of August, Roger Jason Stone popularly known as Roger Stone happens to be a strategist, a lobbyist and a political consultant from the United States of America and gained prominence for doing an excellent research on the opposition candidates which usually included those of the famous Republican party.

Personal Life

Roger was born in Norwalk in the state of Connecticut and is a son to father Roger J. Stone and mother Gloria Rose Corbo. Roger grew up in New York at Lewisboro and his family happens to be of an Italian and Hungarian descent. Roger’s mother Gloria worked as a reporter in a small town and father drilled wells and owned his own business for a living. Roger has described his family in an interview as a blue collar and middle-class Catholics.

When Roger was in the first grade, he got his first taste in the field of politics by supporting John F. Kennedy’s campaign for the President of the United States of America. He’s tell the other children in his school that the other presidential candidate Nixon was in support of keeping schools active on Saturdays and this, Roger states was his first and favorite political trick.

Roger read The Conscience of a Conservative as a child and was then instantly converted to being a conservatism and then went on to volunteer for the 1964 campaign of Goldwater. He states that though he is a conservative, he has an enormous leaning towards being a libertarian.

When Roger was a student at the famous George Washington University in the year of 1972, he sent an invitation to Jeb Magruder to be a speaker at the meeting of Young Republicans Club and then made him a proposal for a job for the Committee to Re-elect the President, popularly known as CREEP. Jeb agreed to this and Roger then left his college to be employed at the committee.


Roger’s real career in politics began with Nixon’s campaign in the year of 1972 by making contributions to rivals of Nixon under the pseudonym of Young Socialist Alliance and then passing on the receipts to the Union Leaders of the Manchester. Roger also reportedly hired a spy for the Hubert Humphrey’s campaign who became a driver for Hubert Humphrey. In his own words, Roger stated that he worked for the Nixon campaign but come night, he was a dealer in the black arts.

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