Robert Irvine is one of the most famous English chef in the world who hosts television shows called ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ and ‘Dinner: Impossible’. Besides, Robert has also appeared on programs like ‘Restaurant Express’ and ‘Worst Cooks in America’.

Personal life

Fifty-two year old chef Robert Paul Irvine was born in Salisbury and raised in Wiltshire, England. Robert enlisted himself in the British Royal Navy when he was fifteen years of age and thus began his career in cooking. He completed the prescribed culinary training and went on to serve the Royal Yacht Britannia. After completing an exciting journey of ten years, Robert started working as a consultant in different places such as Bali, Ho Chi Minh and Jakarta. Subsequently, he became the Executive Chef at various cruise ships such as ‘Trump’s Taj Mahal’ and ‘MS Crystal Harmony’.

Robert Irvine has been married twice in his life. First, he got married to his wife Karen Irvine with whom he used to live in Absecon, New Jersey. He divorced with her and bought another house in South Carolina before marrying Gail Kim in May 2012. Gail and Robert met while working for ‘Dinner: Impossible’. Robert is the father of two girls named Talia and Annalise.


Robert Irvine launched his own food television network named ‘Fit for a King’ which was later changed to ‘Dinner: Impossible’ for some reasons. After a major success with his first show, Robert launched a similar show called ‘Restaurant: Impossible’. Robert is a humanitarian and through his television shows, he does incredible amount of charity.

He was associated with Children Uniting Nations and the Academy Awards fundraising dinner. During the 78th Academy Awards dinner, Robert was appointed as the Head Chef of the ceremony. Having worked as a chef for the military, Robert donates a portion of his revenue to the U.S. army. He is also the owner of ‘Robert Irvine Foods’.

Robert Irvine is a prominent television figure. He was seen in the ‘Iron Chef America’ in 2007 wherein he competed against Paula D en and Cat Core. Being a fitness freak, Robert earned himself a place in the ‘25 Fittest Guys in America’ list in 2007. Robert’s cooking skills were acknowledged during the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Members of the White House have also tasted his recipe. After reading Robert’s biography, it is of no surprise that he has a net worth of $15 million.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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