Robert Costa is an American journalist, born on October 14, 1985 (33 years) in Richmond, Virginia. At the moment, he is a national political reporter for The Washington Post, a political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, and the moderator of Washington Week. Costa is technically known for his insertion into political affairs. He has even interviewed President Donald Trump on various occasions.

Family and Education

Robert is the son of Thomas E. Costa and Anne-Dillon D. Costa. His two parents are both attorneys. Apart from his parents, he also has three siblings whose history lives have been kept private. In his childhood, Costa had grown up in Lower Makefield Township where he attended Pennsbury High School and graduated in 2004. He studied in the University of Notre Dame where he earned a bachelor’s degree in American studies in the year 2008.

He immediately proceeded to studying his master’s degree in politics from the University of Cambridge in 2009. He had held his internships at House of Commons of the United Kingdom, PBS’s Charlie Rose and ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos while pursuing his master’s course. He remarkably hosted and produced an interview program for ND-TV that was called ‘Office Hours’.

Costa was always on the fore-front of the debating society of the Cambridge Union while he was at Cambridge University. With his great determination, he had focused his research on United Kingdom-United States relations and Winston Churchill, and his supervisor was a British academic and an author by the name Andrew Gamble.


Costa was employed in 2010 as a reporter by National Review conservative magazine. He later got promoted to the position of Washington editor for National Review. Costa had received a lot of praises by 2013 having vividly handled a report on the Republican Party in Congress. He was titled different names which included ‘the most important reporter in the country over the past few weeks’, ‘Slate writer’, ‘omnipresent’ and New York Magazine had branded him, ‘the golden boy of the government shutdown’.

He later left National Review in November 2013 for another employment by The Washing Post and in 2015, he was named a political analyst for both NBC and MSNBC. Currently, Costa is the moderator of Washington Week on PBS and he often hosts top mainstream news reporters on the program. Costa is at the highest peak of his career. He considers his career an incredible career. He is net worth millions of dollars and a one of the highest paid reporter of all time.


Costa is a one personality who has kept his personal life on a low key-note. It is not clearly known whether he has made any commitment in dating or having a girlfriend or an affair of any form. However, some sites portray that he is married and has a wife and children at his rural home. There is no further information about this that would unveil his marital status to the definitive extent. Divorce is therefore a topic of no discussion about his relationship life. Yet, some sources state that he was spotted recently attending a gay relative’s wedding, but his sexual orientation is upright.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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