Quick facts
Birth date 1 Jan, 1901
Age 119 yrs
Occupations Film director
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Austin
Gender Male
Description American film director
Spouse Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Riley Stearns Age, Bio, Career, Marriage, Divorce, Wife

Riley Stearns is an American film director and writer. He is most famous for his previous marriage and nasty divorce from his ex-wife, American actress and singer, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Riley Stearns Age, Family

Riley Stearns was born in Austin, Texas, USA, on June 29, 1986. He started to become famous when he met actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, on a voyage in 2002. They started dating because Mary was attracted to his creative and physical abilities. Riley is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has contended at the 'World Master Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2018'.

Riley Stearns Career

Even though his famous wife brought some exposure to his career, Riley has been designated for a few honors all through his career, including for the best short film at the 'Sundance Film Festival' and best screenplay at the 'BloodGuts UK Horror Awards'.

Riley Stearns' natural ability was unmistakably noticeable from his first job as a production associate in the episode 'The List' of the TV series 'Bionic Woman' (2007). In 2008, he worked as a right hand assistant to writers in nine episodes of the TV series 'My Own Worst Enemy'. Awed by his aptitudes, he was later allowed to write the content for the episode 'Reconnaissance'.

In 2012, he wrote and directed a comedy short entitled 'Casque'. Riley Stearns had his first career high in 2013, with his adventure film, 'The Cub'.

Riley Stearns Marriage, Divorce, Wife, Personal Life Relationships

Riley Stearns married his love, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in 2010. Bits of gossip started to spread that the couple was having issues in 2017. The rumors moved towards becoming reality when Mary was spotted with her 'Fargo' co-star Ewan McGregor. Ewan’s partner, Eve Mavrakis was also shocked by the alleged affair.

The photo caught both Riley and Eve off guard because they were not separated from their respective partners yet, when the news of them seeing each other out. Riley started to freak out and was regularly observed posting aggressive posts on his Instagram account

Riley and Mary finally came to a peaceful end and announced their separation on Instagram in May 2017. Mary wrote on her Instagram post, “Sitting here with my best friend whom I love with all my heart. We’ve decided to move on from our marriage.” Riley was heartbroken deep inside but he took the high road when he posted a message on his Instagram as well and said, “I can’t wait to see where we both end up. I’ll always love you, Mary.”

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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