Rhett James Mclaughlin is a producer, writer and Youtube funny videos creator and has created more than 1500 short videos on his personal channel. 44 lakh subscribers wait more for videos to be uploaded.

Personal life: -

Rhett is tall and elegant looking man born on 11th October 1977 (approximately 40 years of age) in the northern territory of California, USA. The date on which he was born depicts the astrological sign, Libra. He belongs to the White ethnicity and holds permanent nationality in America. The writer is attached to those men who have rare massive height of six feet and seven inches (2 meters) and weighing 80kg with passing of 40 years of his life.

McLaughlin didn’t lost smoothness of his skin and no wrinkles are visible around his cheeks. He has greenish blue eyes color and pale brown hair, contributing a well-toned physique. Rhett is well educated and possesses civil engineering degree form North Carolina state university. At the age of 24, He married a pretty woman named Jessie lane. Both of them lead a successful life and there are no rumours of an extra marital affair. He has a good sense of humor and blessed with two kids: Locke McLoughlin and Shepherd Mclaughlin. It is believed that Rhett deeply loves his profession as well as his spouse.

Career: -

As a civil engineer, Mclaughlin developed an interest in funny videos and began his career on 5 June 2006 with his associate called Charles Lincoln Neal nicknamed Link. So the name for the Youtube channel derived from them both as “Rhett and link”. The channel became very popular over the years. The show “good mythical morning talk show” was commenced on every weekend at 6:00 am EST. Various channel has been established by Rhett and link over the decade, which attracted many people approximately 1 million subscribers increased rapidly from 2017 till 2018. The first ever video was “Wolfpack” uploaded on 2006. In 2012, he uploaded the featured video song “all night long” by Lionel Riche and was 11 hours longest footage.

The first sponsored video by Rhett and link “Cornhole song” was released in 2007. Many companies sponsored duo’s videos like Cadillac, Wendy and Mc Donald’s. Rhett and link together discovered a commercial for Ojai valley taxidemy possessed by Charles Testa around 2011. Till date, both of them operated two albums of live musical comedy and afterwards teamed up with DFTBA records to discover latest album called “up to this point “Rhett learned the information of podcasting and leaned towards it to grasp in 2013, they launched an audio podcast on iTunes as well as sound cloud.

McLaughlin is active on several social networking websites and has approximately 1 million followers on Instagram followed by 4.4 million subscribers on his famous Youtube channel added with another 597k followers on twitter. Rhett promotes his disciple with latest images on his social media.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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