Reve Drew is the wife to John Walsh and they got married for over 47 years now. They dated only for one year and then they decided to get married. They got married in the year 1971. They have four children, Hayden who is 24 years, Callahan who is 33, Meghan who is 36 and Adam John who would be 43.

When it comes to her biography, Reve Drew is only known as the famous wife of John Walsh, who is a TV personality. Their child Adam, who was born in 1974 and died in 1981, was a victim of abduction. He got abducted while at Sears Department store in Hollywood Mall. After sometime, he was found when he was already dead, murdered and then decapitated in Abacoa city of Florida. This death became national concern and the story was retold in Television film named Adam. At least 38 million watched the film. John decided to be a violent crimes advocate and he was a host of television program called America’s Most wanted.

John Walsh works also as a creator, host, criminal investigator and a television personality. He became famous for Springfield’s Most Wanted, The Hunt with John Walsh and America Fights Back. He was born in the year 1945, in the city of Auburn. While growing up, he got interested in movie and television. After sometime, he moved to live in South Florida where he was helping in building some luxury hotels.

When it comes to his education, he went to University of Buffalo. He started to act in 1983, when he was working on the NBC Television film called Adam. The America’s Most Wanted show started in the year 1988. He had own daytime talk show called The John Walsh Show. He was on the show, Extreme Makeover. This is when she visited a home of a six year old child who was missing. The case appeared on America’s Most Wanted many times. John’s life was featured at The E! True Hollywood Story and Biography. Now, he works with The Hunt with John Walsh. It is the same as the Most Wanted show. He got chosen by People Magazine in the year 1996 in the 50 most beautiful people around the world.

John is of 5 feet with 8 inches. The hair color look like pepper and salt and the eyes are brown.

When it comes to the murder of their son, the family does not like to talk about it. However, they have decided to publish a book that talk about it called Bringing Adam Home. Reve says that she thought that she believed as the time passes, she will start to forget, but she never forgot. The person who confessed to kill Adam was called Ottis Toole who was a serial killer and had been imprisoned for many crimes.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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