Remy Ma full name is Reminisce Mackie and she was born in the year 1980. She uses Remy Ma, as the stage name. She is a rapper of American origins and of African-American ethnicity. Big Pun is the man who discovered her and she got more attention when she was a member of group of Fat Joe called Terror Squad. Her first album was called There’s nothing about Remy: Based on A True Story and it started at number 33 on the chart of Billboard 200. She is among the five female rappers who had reached the BillBoard Hot 100. She is among the few women who got multiple winners at BET Award in the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

The successful songs that she had are All The Way Up, Conceited, Lean Back and Ante Up. She had got two vibe Awards with Two Source Awards. She got nominated three times for the Grammy Awards. She starred in Love & Hip Hop: New York, together with Papoose her husband.

According to her biography, Remy Ma was raised in the city The Bronx, in Castle Hill Projects in New York. She witnessed the results of the drug abuse first hand and she had to take good care of the sisters and brothers when she was still young and tried to keep away of the home drama through writing the poetry. Her work got reputation and it reached to MC Big Pun. She met him and did a freestyle session. Afterwards, Pun was her mentor and she did the first appearance in the album of Big Pun called Yeeeah Baby.

When Big Pun died, then Fat Joe signed her under the label Universal and SRC. After the success of Lean Back which got the nomination to Grammy Awards, she was able to release other singles like Conceited, Whuteva with Feels So Good in There’s Something About Remy: Based on True Story album.

Remy Ma is married to Papoose, another fellow rapper whose real name is Shamele Mackie. The two were meant to marry in the year 2008, but Ma was to be jailed so the wedding got called off. The Police found out that Mackie wanted smuggling a key in the prison and she was told not to visit Ma in 6 months. Ma had already a child called Jayson who was born in the year 2000, he is from an old relationship and she is a step mom to the children of Papoose. There is no record if she had divorced before or not.

Remy Ma had a beef with Foxy Brown and it lasted for some years because Foxy insisted that she is the best rapper. She also had a beef with Nicki Minaj that started in the year 2007. She released some songs which were aimed at professional and personal life of Nick Minaj.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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