An entrepreneur and businessman from the United States of America, Raymond Huger has gained fame for being a husband of Karen Huger from Potomac who is a cast member of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Raymond is the CEO and also the President of the Paradigm Solutions International Incorporation.

Personal Life

Born in 1964 on the 17th of October in the United States of America, Raymond is an African-American by ethnicity. Not much information is known about Raymond’s early childhood and early years. Raymond attained his education by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Baruch College. He further went on to earn a Master’s degree in the Master of Business Administration from the Fordham University.

Raymond married Karen Huger who was his long-time girlfriend. The couple have two children, Brandon Huger and Rayvin Huger. There is no publicly known information regarding Raymond which implicates him I in controversies or rumors. Raymond is an ardent professional and has no time to be involved in any unnecessary controversies or rumors. Raymond has jet black eyes and salt and pepper color hair. Information regarding Raymond’s weight is not known to the public.


Raymond initiated his career in the corporate world in the post of a Senior Executive at the famous International Business Machines Corporation popularly known as the IBM. Raymond served at IBM for a period of 25 years where he handled new businesses and partnerships for IBM.

After having worked at IBM for a period of over 25 years, Raymond started his ow venture named the Paradigm solutions where he was the CEO and also the Chairman of his own company. In the February of 2007, Raymond left His own company and began another Multi national corporation named the Paradigm Solutions International Incorporation. Back in the November of 2006, Raymond had started a company for which he is the CEO and president of that company.

Having been an extremely successful businessman in his field, Raymond has earned a descent amount of wealth throughout his career. It is estimated that Raymond has a personal wealth of an estimated 40 million US dollars.

Last Modified: 19 Jul, 2018

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