Rahmat Morton is the first husband of Keke Wyatt and he works as a road manager. They married in the year 2000 but in few months of the marriage, the reports about the domestic violence emerged and they decided to divorce in the year 2009. They have 3 children together.

Keke got married again to Michael Ford who is an ordained minister. Keke was born also grew up in the musical family. She got influenced in R&B and gospel songs when she was still too young. She started to sing when she was only 2 years and when she became five years old; she performed in the live show. When she was 10 years she released first album called What If.

Afterwards, she started to learn music with a Chicago based songwriter and a producer called Steve Stone Huff. She was also perfoming the demo songs to many record labels. In the mid-teens, she sang the song My First Love, the song that made her to be popular in the entire country. In few months, she joined MCA records. After the deal, she recorded an album called Soul Sister. The second album was called Who Knew. As an actress, she did appear in many TV shows and other music videos such as Love Overboard, I Deserve It and R&B Diva Season one. She has a net worth of 4 million.

It is hard to get more information about the biography of Rahmat Morton since he is more known as the ex-husband of Keke Wyatt only.

Keke Wyatt was born in the city of Indianapolis found in Indiana. She is a talented singer born in the year 1982. She was born as Ke’Tara Shavon Wyatt. Her father is Keever Wyatt II and the mother is called Loran Wyatt. The parents were singers and vocalists. She is of African American ethnicity. She grew up in Indianapolis and she went to high school in the city. While growing up, she was a part of the wrestling team at her university.

Keke Wyatt was once in controversy when she was said to stab Rahmat Morton using a knife. She said that she got frustrated because of how he was abusing her. By now, she is not involved into too many controversies.

Keke Wyatt is found in most all social media. On Instagram, she was 826,000 followers, on Facebook, she has 226,000 followers and on Twitter, she has 264,000 followers. She worked on the song Nothing in This World and she got nominated for The Soul Train Lady in Soul Awards in the year 2002. She also got nominated for the same award for Best New Rap, Soul and R&B artist. When she married Rahmat Morton, she was only 18 years old. Besides the three children she has with Rahmat Morton, she has also three other more with Michael.

Last Modified: 07 Jul, 2018

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