Rachel Maddow is an American TV host, author and a liberal political commentator. Rachel Maddow is the host of a nightly TV show called The Rachel Maddow Show which is aired on the MSNBC. Rachel Maddow also os the channel’s special events co-host along with Brian Williams.

She also hosts a radio talk show also called The Rachel Maddow Show is aired on the Air America Radio. Rachel Maddow is also the first anchor to be openly gay and to host a major news program which is aired on prime time in the USA.

Personal Life

Rachel Maddow was born as Rachel Anne Maddow on April 1,1973 in Castro Valley in the state of California in the United States of America. Rachel Maddow’s father is a former Air force captain of the United States of America who resigned his commission a year before Rachel Maddow was born and he then went on to work as a lawyer for the district of East Bay Municipality Utility.

While Rachel Maddow’s mother named Elaine Gosse Maddow was an administrator for school programs. Rachel Maddow has an older brother named David, and Rachel’s grandfather from her father’s family was a decedent of a Jewish family from Eastern Europe who identified themselves as Russian and Polish when they arrived in the United States of America. But in accordance with the new borders in today’s world they would be identified as Ukrainian and Russian.

Rachel Maddow graduated from the Castro Valley High School and went on to attend Stanford University. Rachel went on to get a degree on public policy from Stanford in the year 1994. While graduating Rachel was awarded the John Gardner Fellowship and Rachel Maddow was also a receiver of the Rhodes Scholarship. For her post graduation Rachel Maddow went to the Lincoln College at Oxford in the year of 1995. She was a recipient of the Marshall Scholarship in the same year but declined for the Rhodes Scholarship. In the year of 2001, she graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy in politics.

Rachel Maddow openly identifies herself as a lesbian and is currently in a very happy space, in her relationship with her partner, Susan Mikula. The duo began dating in 1999 and are yet in a relationship.


As a young individual in the field a variety of opportunities have knocked at Rachel Maddow’s door, and she has wasted no time in grabbing the opportunities to build a career for herself. Rachel Maddow has worked for many mega radio channels and TV corporations, and as a result of this she is currently an A-lister in her field.

Early in her career she began working for a radio channel named WRNX and later on she moved on WRSI. Her show was called Big Breakfast and after this show, she was approached to work for Air America. Rachel Maddow has also worked for major networks such as the CNN. At present she is the host of the show which is named after her, called The Rachel Maddow Show. It is hugely successful and pays her extremely well, however details of her net worth are not known.

Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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