Rachel Bagwell met his now husband Jeff Bagwell, when the two were still married to their partners but they were separated. Her first husband was called Michael Brown and he was a hand surgeon who had been on many television commercials. He abused her many times and Rachel decided to file a divorce before dating Jeff.

When it comes to Michael Brown, the ex-husband of Rachel, Rachel was the fourth wife he married. It was said that he beat Rachel using a bedpost when she was seven month pregnant. He also killed himself before he would have reported to the federal prison after choking the flight attendant. Contrary to Michael, Jeff is a better man and he loves his wife. They have a family of five kids, from the old marriages of Jeff and of that of Rachel. They also got two children in their marriage.

They were having a big house near Houston in the memorial neighborhood and they decided to sell it in the year 2015. This place was known to be large and it was sold at 12 million. When you see it at the front, you may think that it is a European Chateau you are looking at. The two once were in the news when Jeff took her breasts into her hands after getting drug. They were having fun and they were alighting too much.

According to his biography, Jeff Bagwell had been married two times. The first wife was American fashion model and she was a glamorous lady and also a performing artist. She was called Shaune Bagwell. However, they did not last too much and they decided to separate and afterwards, they divorced. The two did not get children together. Jeff got married once again to Ericka Rodriguez and it was in the year 1997. The couple got two children together but they also divorced in the year 2012.

Jeff with Rachel Brown started to see each other in the year 2011. Jeff Bagwell is an American citizen and he is American former professional. He played as the first basemen and then a coach. He became 4 times the MLB All-Star first basemen and he had a career of 15 years in the Houston Astros.

Jeff was born in the year 1968. He spent her time in the Boston city. His father is Jeffery Robert and his mother is Janice Bagwell. The parents divorced when he was only 11 years old.

Jeff studied at Xavier High school and it is all male catholic school. While at the high school, he played soccer, ball and shortstop. Jeff got named to be The National League NL Rookie in the year 1991. He was most valuable Player in 1994. He became the MLB All-star four times, he got the Silver Slugger Champ three times, and the gold glove collector one time. He got enlisted in Texas Sports Hall of Fame in the year 2005.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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