Priya Narang is an Indian woman and she is the Vice President at Citigroup. She was married with the famous Television journalist and the host of Good Morning America, Josh Elliot.

They have a daughter together, Sarina Elliot, which is under her Priya’s custody. Although their relationship worked well, Josh Elliot made a mistake after the honeymoon and he was caught having sex with another woman, and Priya Narang decided to divorce from him. Her ex-husband was not very affected about this decision, and now he has a new girlfriend, named Liz Cho. Priya Narang was not like Josh Elliot, which means that she’s not a TV personality or a celebrity. Although she is famous, she likes to keep her life away from the media eyes. There is no information about a new boyfriend or a new marriage, and Priya Narang doesn’t appear on TV too much. She started to appear on the TV when she was married with Josh Elliot, but after they divorced, she faded away from the public life.

There are just a few people who know anything about Priya’s past or other types of information, as an example how old is she or what collage does she finished. People only know that she is the Vice President of the Citigroup, and because of that she is certainly having a great income. When she divorced from her husband, their problem didn’t turn into a media scandal or a gossip. Their relationship was beautiful, but the things stopped to work for them, because Josh Elliot made a mistake, because he couldn’t control his sex addiction, and Priya couldn’t forgive something like that. They didn’t had a fight on this subject, and Priya Narang won the custody for the kid. Now they are having different lives and they do not talk with each other. The divorce between them was also done using formal methods, and the media was not involved. That’s exactly the type of divorce that Priya Narang certainly wanted. Now she lives a happy life away from the media and public, and nothing is known about her personal life or if she started a new relationship with someone else, by the time Josh Elliot already appeared with a new woman from ESPN.

The Television journalist always had problems with her loyalty and that’s exactly why Priya Narang divorced from him. Because of his problem he also lost his daughter. Some rumors are saying that Josh still want to make it back with Priya and to start a new relationship with her, but more then certain she is not interested in starting a new relationship with her ex-husband. She don’t even like to be seen by the paparazzi or to appear on magazines. That’s why she is trying to hide her life as much as she can and she is doing fine. Because of her profession, Priya is doing just fine on her own. 

Last Modified: Oct 21, 2018

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