Philip Rivers is a well known American football player who represents the Los Angeles Chargers in the National Football League as their quarterback. It was at NC State that he has played college football and he was even drafted as part of the first round at the NFL Draft of the year 2004, where he was selected by the New York Giants as the fourth overall pick.

The team later traded him to the Los Angeles Chargers for quarterback Eli Manning, who was their first overall pick. Philip Rivers’s passer rating in his career is the ninth best amongst All-Time NFL Quarterbacks, with the rating of 94.6 and having a minimum of 1500 passing attempts.

Personal Life

Philip Rivers was born as Philip Michael Rivers on December 8,1981 in Decatur in the state of Alabama in the United States of America. His father named Steve Rivers, served the role of being the head coach of the football team of Decatur High while his mother, a woman named Joan Rivers was a teacher by profession. Later on Philip Rivers moved to Athens. Since the time he was a student, as a fifth grader itself, Philip Rivers drew himself to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Magazine in the role of a Minnesota Vikings player, when he was asked to do a project of making a poster based on his ambitions and dreams.

Philip Rivers has always worn the 17 number jersey in the honour of his father’s jersey since the ninth grade itself. He played High School football at the Athens High School after his father landed the job of being the head coach of the team. He made his first start in an official game in the seventh grade in the year 1994, and ever since that moment he was never benched until his season as a rookie in the NFL.


Once Philip Rivers’ season as a senior began unfolding, he had begun establishing himself as the best prep passer in Alabama. Philip Rivers received offers from Alabama and Auburn, but since neither offered him the position of the quarterback, he reject both of them. The North Carolina State was the first college to recruit Philip Rivers as a quarterback. He then graduated from the high school in the December of the year 1999.

Post his stint in high school Philip Rivers attended the University of North Carolina State in Raleigh. It was here that he was a player in the NC State Wolfpack team under coach Chuck Amato. He was the college team’s quarterback.

A journey that eventually led him to be the Charger’s quarterback after their previous quarterback named Drew Bees left for the New Orleans Saints in the 2005 season. Ever since then he has been instrumental in the team and has even been a part of the Pro Bowl for seven times and Philip Rivers has even been named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in the year 2013.

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