Peter is an American actor, producer and director who climbed his ladder of fame with the Geritol commercial Personal Life

Personal Life

Peter Billingsley, born on 16th April 1971, is a famous American director, actor, and producer. He is famous for his character in he the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup commercials as Messy Marvin.

He was born and bought up in New York City. His father and mother worked together as he was a financial consultant and she was his assistant. Peter has a family with successful people and his uncle is the owner of the Stork Club.

Peter has four siblings and they all had a shot at acting.His siblings Dina and Win had a very short-lived acting career and it mostly involved commercials. Being a child-actor, Peter's education kept on changing from personal tutor to private schools to meet his acting needs.


Peter's acting career goes back to when he was a two year old. He first appeared in Geritol commercial. When he reached the age 12, he confessed having acted in more than 100 commercials.

In the year 1981, he was nominated for Best Young Comedian for his role in Paternity. He appeared in Memories never die with his sister Melissa Michaelsen. One of his greatest accomplishment was his role in the film 'In God We Trust' for which he received a huge recognition and nomination in Young Artist Award

In late 1980, he slowed down his acting career and developed an interest in working behind the scenes. He became a producer and started earning respect in that department. Presently, he still takes up small cameo roles in movies. but production is his biggest interest.

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