Quick facts
Birth date 1 Jan, 1968
Age 52 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship Canada
Birth place Hamilton
Education Carleton University
McMaster University
Gender Female
Description Canadian journalist

Bio wiki and age

On her Wiki sites, Paula Newton’s bio, shows that she was born in Hamilton found in Ontario. She did Journalism and Political science. She has a double degree of Journalism and Business. In addition of English, she is also fluent in Spanish, Russian, Italian and French. She was born in 1968.


Paula Newton is a well known humanitarian person and she is recognized for condemning organ selling issue in America. She has gained respect and fame in the reporting industry and she is well known because of her social background. She works as international correspondent of CNN and she works for CNN international based in Ottawa. She also worked for Canadian Network CTV.

Paula began the career when she was working like a parliamentary producer of Independent satellite in Ottawa. She switched to reporting and anchoring for CHCH-TV in Hamilton. After wards, she started to appear on Atlantic Television system found in Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Paula reporting is about tension in communities, the impact of immigration, global terrorism and war.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Paula Newton is a Canadian by nationality and graduated at Carleton University in Ottawa. She is of white ethnicity.

Net Worth and Salary

Paula Newton did not disclose how much she gets as a salary but as a reporter of CNN, she is expected to make enough money. She has won different medals and one was about her coverage about organ selling and Kosovo’s war. She got a Canadian Gemini’s Award in the Best Reportage Award category.

She has a son but she does not talk if she has a daughter or not. Her net worth is over 20 million dollars.

Married and Daughter

Paula Newton does not like to talk too much about her personal life but she is known to be a married woman with children. Even if most of her wiki pages maintain that she is still single, she did wish her husband a happy father’s day in 2014, talking on how he goes to fish with their son, do house repairs, take the son to golf and takes two children to the music. This shows that she is a married woman with kids.

Paula Newton had not been involved into any rumors or controversy. She likes to maintain a charitable image and her career had earned her respect and good reputation. She had not been involved into any action which may lead to the unwanted controversy or rumors. She tries to maintain top notch professionalism in whatever she does.

Regardless of her age, Paula Newton has a good and well maintained body structure. However, there is no information about the body measurement, weight or height.

Paula Newton is an active person on social media like Twitter and Instagram. On her twitter account she has at least 5.7K followers but she is new on Instagram and she is yet to get many people. She does not have a Facebook account right now.


Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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