Paul Wahlberg is an actor, reality TV Star and American Chef. He is a younger brother to a popular American actor called Mark Wahlberg. They have a third brother named Donnie. The three brothers have a successful restaurant that they called Wahiburgers.

The family is close and all the three brothers with other siblings do appear at the show called Wahlburgers which become a popular show. The show is about what happens behind the curtains of their restaurant where Mark and Donnie are owners and Paul is the head of chef. The restaurant is a casual restaurant and a bar which serves most of the time fast foods and some have exquisite cuisine from other parts of this world. Their first location is in the Boston and this place enjoys enough of popularity.

Besides being the chef of one of the popular places, Paul Wahlberg had also tried the hand in acting and had appeared in the shows like the Happenings and Max Payne. Before becoming the owners of the Wahlberg, Paul was the owner of a restaurant named Alma Nove together with his brothers. The name is about the love they have towards their mother.

According to his biography, Paul Wahlberg was born in the year 1964 and it was in Boston. He was born with other 8 siblings. The parents are Donald Wahlberg and Alma McPeck. The most famous siblings in the family are Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg. His father was working as a delivery driver while he was also a war veteran. The mother worked as a clerk. Even if the parents divorced in the year 1982, the family relationship was not affected and they are close to one another.

While growing up, Paul was helping the mother in their kitchen to do some dishes and this is where he became interested in food. He developed interest in cooking and this is where he was trying new stuff and this impressed his mother who asked him to be a chef. Paul Wahlberg was always interested in the family value since he grew up in a larger family from two marriages of his father. When the father died, then the family got even closer.

Paul Wahlberg started to cook when he was in high school and he was working like caterer. He continued and trained in the culinary and worked in a chef position where he was preparing the menus for small and big restaurants of Boston. Afterwards, he got hired like a caterer in the movie of his brother and he was providing the food while on the set.

Even if Paul Wahlberg is a popular person, he likes to keep everything about himself private. He is married and has two children, one is Ethan and Madison. Besides his wife, he had no other relationships. His net worth is around 1.5 million dollars.

Last Modified: 16 Apr, 2018

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