Paul Millsap is a professional NBA basketball player and has graced the league with his prowess and skill since stepping into the scene and still does so to this very date.

Personal Life

Born in Monroe, Louisiana, Paul Millsap is an American basketballer of the African American decent currently playing for the Denver Nuggets. Paul, aged 33 years was born on 10th February 1985 and raised by Bettye Millsap his mother. According to some of Paul’s published biography, his father's identity is not documented and remains unknown. In a family of four children, Paul is the second born of the family. His brothers; John Abraham and Elijah are also basketball players.

Paul Millsap has been married to his longtime girlfriend Latoria Scott and together have four children; Daughters Xylah, Pnauyona and Paular and son Porter. Though Paul has not put his personal life in the public eye, at one-point rumors surrounded his marriage that he was fighting for custody of his children with his wife but there has been no truth to the matter.


Millsap's love for the game of basketball grew during his high school years when he played for Grambling High school basketball team. Paul's statistics even at a young age were top notch and in 2003, he was ranked number 115 power forwards in the nation. Millsap graduated high school and joined Louisiana Tech University and while there, he is the only player in the history of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball to have led in the number of rebounds for three consecutive years in the nation.

Paul was the 47th overall pick in the NBA draft in 2006 by the Utah Jazz. In his first season in the NBA, he was in contention for Rookie of the Year, though he came short, his statistics were very impressive with six double-double ahead of all the other rookies. In the following season, Paul scored 24 points in a single game against Cleveland Cavaliers recording an all-time career high.

Millsap played for the Utah Jazz for 7 years later signed for the Atlanta Hawks on a two-year deal in 2013 but went on to play four seasons there. Currently Paul plays for the Denver Nuggets where he signed three-year deal worth $90 million back in 2017. Millsap wears the number four jersey. Paul has been able to win a number of honors and awards in his career. Among them being crowned Louisiana's Mr. Basketball back in 2003, Louisiana Tech University Hall of fame in 2011 and several NBA all-star appearances.

Paul is a renowned star being an active social media user where he engages with his fans through pictures and videos of events in his life. He is a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user and has a following of close to half a million people. With a professional career spanning 10 years, Paul has been able to gather a lot of wealth from mainly basketball and endorsements. Misslap's net worth is estimated to be $52 million.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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