Paul Greene is a Canadian actor, known primarily for his work in Somewhere (2010), Bitten (2014) and Harry's Law (2011).


Paul Greene is a Canadian actor. He was born on June 2nd in the year 1974, in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. He rose to fame with Wicked Wicked Games. Paul was among the recurring cast, who made an appearance in forty episodes (out of sixty-five). This role as attorney Benjamin Gray earned him accolades all over the country. He was invited by various famous TV series directors to act in episodes as a non-recurring cast. Very soon, he was cast on Wedding Bells, Freddie, My Own Worst Enemy, Eastwick and “The Newsroom” (2013) as a guest role.

He acted in his first feature film “Somewhere” as “Ron” in 2010, which was directed by Sofia Coppola. This was his breakthrough role, after this, he became almost a household name. This was a major-picture debut of his, which garnered praise and appreciation from the critics. In the same year, he acted in “Red Rooster”, a short film. In the course of 12 years, he has bagged notable theatre works with directors like Nancy Criss and Charlie Vaughn.

He was cast on the show “Bitten” (2014) as Philip McAdams. He was a recurring character in the series.

He has been associated with theatre and is known as a prominent theatre person. His works in “Beautiful Girl” (2014), “Deadly Sanctuary” (2015) and “Home Sweet Carolina” (2017) are some among his many to name.

Of late, he has been acting in television films. Among his most recent and notable works are “A Wish For Christmas” (2016), “Campfire Kiss” (2017), “My Favorite Wedding” (2017) and “Christmas in Angel Falls” (2017).

Personal Life

Paul Greene was born in Alberta, Canada, he grew up on a farm there; but he currently resides in Los Angeles. His passion to pursue acting brought him to Los Angeles, where he albeit found recognition. He is 6 ft 1in (185 cm) tall. Paul Greene is a married man. He tied the knot with Maggie Lawson, after pursuing her for years. They have a son, Oliver.

In a personal interview, he has said that when he was 18, somebody picked him up for modelling, and he travelled to Asia and Europe for about five years and finally ended in the city of New York. According to him, in New York, he studied with the best i the industry. While he was successful in modelling, he always wanted to act. He was doing a lot of commercials and became member of the SAG in 1995. He started acting professionally at the age of 30. It was at this time when he intentionally quit modelling.

Off-screen, he dabbles in martial arts and is known to be quite proficient in it. He has a pilot's license as well, as his main ambition was to be a pilot when he fell into the silver screen by chance. His sports skills include, among others, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, golf, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and surfing.

He is known to be quite athletic and loves to play a plethora of sports in his free time. He plays piano, guitar, bass and drums vocals as well. He is a multi-talented actor and loves nurturing a multitude of hobbies. He is extremely popular in the Hallmark circles.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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